Hord Champion Benefits - Why being a Hord Champion is the best deal in crypto today

By Melusine | Hord App | 14 Jul 2021

By Bart Rovers

Being a Hord Champion has a number of benefits that we wish to outline today. We will cover three themes: Social, Monetary, and Experiential.


Hord already has a number of huge KOLs and funds within the crypto space and is currently adding traders with proven records as well. Moreover, Hord has a social army that is loyal and pays attention. This is before the platform is even launched. Obviously, there is something here…

As we are getting closer to launch, Hord will only continue to grow and start to attract more and more eyes in the crypto space. As a Champion, you have a very prominent place in our ecosystem. People are putting their money on your NFT Tickets only to reserve a spot in your hPool later down the line.

This exposure is an invaluable asset to you as a KOL, trader, or fund. As Hord grows this exposure keeps increasing. When the platform launches and your hPool fills up, more people will want to join and you will attract new fans and followers from outside your normal reach. The direct contact you have with your following on our platform is unprecedented and will increase loyalty and longevity in your clout.


One of the biggest and most important reasons to join Hord as a Champion is the potential for monetary gain. Depending on the TVL you bring in and the performance of your portfolio there are large sums of money to be made from managing an hPool on Hord.

In this projection, we outline three scenarios

Your hPool has $200,000 TVL


Your hPool has $1,000,000 TVL


Your hPool has $2,000,000 TVL


As outlined in these projections, thousands of dollars can be made, even with modest TVL and returns. When the TVL and returns rise, this can quickly go to tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single hPool.

What’s more is that your returns are not limited to just gratuity fees. If your hPool fills up and your tokens get traded on the Hord DEX you will also get 25% of all trading fees. This is an additional income source for you as a Hord Champion.

Portfolio building takes expertise, but you already have that. You manage your own portfolio. Do the same thing on Hord, pay zero fees, and make awesome returns on top of your crypto gains. What more could you ask for?


Managing a portfolio on Hord comes with in-depth analysis tools to help you better understand what works, and what could use improvement. You work alongside other portfolio builders from whom you can learn and improve your own skills. This is an invaluable learning experience that will be of use throughout the rest of your life.

Our platform allows you to never touch anyone’s funds but your own while at the same time benefiting from a TVL behind your strategy that you couldn’t reach on your own. This experience is unique to Hord and another amazing benefit of being a Hord Champion.

Do you have what it takes?

Do you see yourself as an ideal candidate to join Hord’s impressive roster of Champions? Fill in our application form today and you just might end up on as Hord’s newest Champion.

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