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By Melusine | Hord App | 12 Sep 2021

By Bart Rovers


As we’re nearing the launch of the platform, we’d like to share with you a clear overview of what has been completed and what still needs to be done. We are really at the final push and will deliver an amazing solution to one of the biggest gaps in DeFi: portfolio management. With an all-in-one solution for both managers and investors, Hord is set out to be truly amazing.

Added security and functionalities

As we progressed over the past months, some changes were made to the MVP in terms of functionality and security. There have been a lot of security issues in DeFi lately with hacks, breaches, and loss of funds. This has made us even more aware of the seriousness with which security should be addressed. As we aim for Hord to get to a TVL of $100M+ we decided to add champion signatures on all buy/sell orders individually.

In addition to that, we decided that we could not deliver a platform for portfolio management without the most basic trading functionalities: stop-loss and limit orders. There are a number of other features that were added as well, like a public subscription round among others.

We are also working with a relatively new and dynamic team, we have been hiring a number of new people that needed to familiarize themselves with the project and colleagues before they could work at full force.

Small delay

These added security measures, functionalities, and team changes have caused us to move back the delivery date of the platform a little bit. We expect the app to go live within a number of weeks but we are unable to honor the due date of Q3. We hope for your understanding in this matter.

From now on we will frequently share more in-depth development updates. To start off we have made a video showing some of our progress and giving you a look behind the scenes:


Hord Mainnet Launch overview

Our developers from the Belgrade office have also made a little overview of where we stand to give a clear insight into the progress to date:

1*bvJauHeqlPlbAPgMBywZEg.jpeg Belgrade developers mapping progress

Below is the whiteboard in digital form. As you can see there is just a small number of things that need to be done on the smart contracts and back-end side. In terms of front-end development, everything has been finished and just the integration with the back-end is left to be done.


Thank you!

We hope you take away more of a clear image of where we stand in terms of development and delivering the platform. We know our process can be somewhat of a black box sometimes. We are looking to change this going forward with more dynamic updates like these. Let us know if you appreciate the video format in the comments below and on YouTube. Thank you all for your support!

1*fwm-yMRkVEzAb4uq_PrGvA.png Daily status update with the Hord team

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