1947 - A LOVE STORY | Episode 5

1947 - A LOVE STORY | Episode 5

By Honeychum | honeychum | 25 Apr 2019

Harnaam:- You should leave Aarif Mohammad. Your people are killing our brothers and sisters. Our Boys are angry and your daughter is alone. Go to your house before she carries a Hindu seed in her Womb and Harnaam Dass started laughing loudly.

Aarif came out "Disgusted". He did not expect such behaviour from Harnaam Dass. They were childhood friends and they played together in their youth but now he is talking so rude and how can he talk like that about Asma. He uses to call her his own Daughter.

Aarif made up his mind that he too will go to Pakistan.


Episode 5


It was August 10, 1947. Division of India and Pakistan was stoned and preparations were being made at Governments end. Division of the country was inevitable. Territories were marked down on the map. Divide did not stop only there but it also divided people of India. People those who were fighting against the British were now fighting with each other over religion, wealth and property. Women were being raped even children were being killed.

Rajbir was taking care of Lalla Sohanlal's Business but somewhere in his heart, he was very sad. Two days ago while he was coming home from Lalla Ji's House, he was stopped by a few people. One of them was working for Lalla ji. They threatened him to leave the possession of Lalla Ji's House and shops with them else he will suffer. Rajbir came back home. He knew that Lahore was going to be part of Pakistan. He was waiting for Lalla Ji's Letter but day by day situation in Lahore was getting worst.

Next day Rajbir got ready to go to Haveli. As he came out of his house, he was stopped by Police-constable Qadir. Qadir was known to him very well as Qadir, often use to come to Lalla Ji.

Qadir:- You cannot go to Haveli now. There is a curfew in the city.

Rajbir:- But brother Qadir, I am supposed to take care of Haveli and Lalla Ji's Shops. Lalla Ji had given me this responsibility.

Qadir:- Rajbir, you are a good man and I like you as a friend but trust me that you will not be able to save Lalla's property. His Godowns have been looted yesterday evening. There is nothing to protect now. Mob also attacked Lalla,s Haveli yesterday evening and killed the Hindu servants. I would suggest that you should leave for Amritsar now. You are not safe in this house. If you want then I can send you to the Refuge camp. From there you shall be sent to Amritsar by train.

Rajbir:- I am waiting for Lalla's letter. I wrote to him about the situation here and I shall leave as soon as he gives me permission.

Qadir:- Mia, you are a very loyal man but postal services are down now. Riots are happening everywhere. I do not think that you will receive Lalla's letter soon. I would suggest that if you want to live then leave Lahore when there is time.

Rajbir:- Okay brother Qadir, I think that is should go to the camp. I will inform Lalla Ji in Amritsar about what happened here.

Qadir:- You pack your stuff and take along what is important to you. Don't carry too much stuff.

Rajbir:- Okay Brother, Give me 10 minutes. I do not have much to pack.

Qadir:- Okay and if you have cash then take it along with you. Nothing is safe behind!

Rajbir packed his bags and kept cahs in the bag beneath his clothes. He had some of Lalla's money at his house. Rest of the money was in Lalla's Haveli but there was no possibility that he could get it. Whole Lahore was burning.

Aarif Mohammad packed his clothes and decided to leave for Lahore. He decided to bury all his gold and money under the Chulha (Mud stove). In the morning Asma and Aarif proceeded towards Railway station Amritsar very quietly. He realised one thing that he could not trust anyone in Surathkalan after meeting with Harnaam Dass.
He was more worried about Asma. In Tarantaran he had a friend and he decided to rest there on the way and if possible then he could request his friend to make arrangements for them to go to the Railway station.

Both Asma and Aarif were very cautious to not be seen by anyone but Harnaam Daas's servant Genda Lal saw them. He told it to Harnaam Daas. Asma and Aarif were stopped at the village boundary by Shamsher Singh and his gang.

Shamsher:- Where this Mulla is going with such a beauty (Laughing shamelessly).

Aarif:- How does it matter to you Shamsher? We are getting late. Get out of my way.

Shamsher:- Aarif Mohammad you enjoyed your life in our country. You lived happily and now as you are leaving for your Pakistan, at least pay for what you enjoyed in Hindustaan.

Aarif:- I am a Hindustani and this is my village. I am not going to Pakistan ever. Leave my way now.

Shamsher:- Ohh, A Pakistani has already started lying. show me your bags and leave all the money and gold here. Saying this he signalled his man to check the bag.

He snatched the bag from Aarif and searched it. He took the silver coins and money in it.

Shamsher:- where is the gold Aarif mia?

Aarif:- Be afraid of Khuda you scoundrels.

Shamsher:- Ha Ha Ha you be afraid of your Khuda but our god is sleeping right now. Give us your gold or I will take your daughter in replacement.

Aarif:- Dare you to touch her, I will cut you into pieces.

Shamsher:- You hold this Mulla and in the meantime let me taste the youth of this beautiful whore.

Gang member:- Shamsher brother, do not forget about us.

Shamsher:- Everyone will get his chance. Saying this he grabbed Asma's hand and pulled her towards him. Asma screamed, abused Shamsher and tried to fight him but he was way stronger than her.

Aarif:- Let her go Shamsher Singh or I will kill you. allah will never forgive you for this and you will burn in hell.

Shamsher:- I do not care What Allah does. Right now I just want to taste this treat. Saying this he groped Asma's breast and squeezed it mercilessly. Asma screamed in pain and again struggle to get free.

To be continued


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