The curious case of Facebook's Libra vs Telegram's TON

By Emad | honarparvar | 26 Jun 2019

I have a comment on Telegram, which I use vs facebook which I don't and I hate!!

In 2016 I was in Moscow for an economy summit and startup event and I surprisingly realized the majority are not willing to use Telegram, you know the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur apparently living in Dubai. later after some political tensions between Russian government and Telegram management team, they turned in to using it widely.

And everybody knows Iranian users, about 50 million, are using Telegram as their number one option. Also many others in Asia and EU and more.
So Telegram had the proper consumer base and the opportunity with its own blockchain and token but they missed it.

Looking the other side, FB is bringing up Libra and I know it is not even a pure Cryptocurrency. it's totally centralized and anonymity and privacy sounds like bad jokes about facebook! yes, I mean it!

But they atleast delivered the real job. I may not adopt Libra in my life (well, maybe if I want to do ads on FB for my business) but I can see this will have a big impact on mass adoption of crypto. Facebook is largest country in the world, with 2.4 Billion users, 1 billion more than China! So I see it as a country, proposing 2.4 billion citizens to buy the Crypto Idea, if not itself :D

TON's timeline

December 2017 - Telegram planned to launch a blockchain platform and native cryptocurrency
April 2018 - Telegram raised 1.7 Billion USD with its ICO
May 2018 - Telegram cancels its much-hyped initial coin offering.
February 2019 - Telegram TON Network to Launch by October 2019

Libra's mass adoption possibility

I like to have this as a meaningful joke here. It is funny and true! Read it on CNBC (source below), which a professional says "facebooks libra will give everyone and your mother an electronic wallet" See? this is exactly my point!
I hope some of our mothers and grandpas move in to real crypto after a while :D 

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