Bitcoin's next move, though I promised myself not to post predictions!

By Emad | honarparvar | 18 Jul 2019

Yes I made this promise to myself not to post predictions , I hate this word but I use it to show how I feel bad about it!

I trade BTC and I HODL BTC, but it doesn't change the fact, when I post something like this, chart analysis, technical things, I'm predicting! and I'm not a witch or fortune teller and I have to post those funny statements like this is not a financial advise bla bla bla..

So, this is not a trade recommendation, I just wanna express what I see in the candles and I try to figure out my OWN next decision, probably learning from others when you engage with me on this post (fingers crossed for some engagement and comments!)

here is my own holdings right now:


I bought it @ 4000 CAD, which is a very good down, back in months ago.

and what is the situation now? here:


look at the 38.2% fibo retracement level which is crossed by 55 EMA and look at the 50% fibo ret crossed by 100 EMA. it is struggling to break above the 38.2% resistance level or move toward the 50% support level.

I believe BTC will test some of its recent highs once again, but will not have the chance to end 2019 in a better record. well, I just tweeted this yesterday also:

Image source link is in the resources panel. Thanks for reading.

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