What went on in the Cryptoverse when you went to sleep?

By Homega1.00 | Homin's Cryptoverse | 19 Apr 2021

The unfortunate drop in our pal bitcoin was a little too much, from 64,854 USD on April 14 to 50,931 USD on the 18th.Currently though, BTC has bounced back up to trading around, 57,000 USD.

To our altcoins
The price dips over the weekend rearranged the leading 10 by market cap.
Dogecoin bounced back up and is trading around 0.36 USD with market cap around 45 billion USD. This has moved DOGE into the 6th place and it is only 4 billion away from passing Tether.

Uniswap fell out of the leading 10 and has been replaced by BCH, BCH has passed the 1000 USD price point over the weekend for the very first time since 3 years ago.

NEO on the other hand is the current altcoin mover, it waved off market crash and is buying and selling over 124 USD at press time. The last time NEO also saw this was 3 years ago.

Most altcoins have recovered to kick start this week but Klaytn isn't really hyper. It is currently decreased by more than 6%, and this sums up to an 18% loss in the past week.

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