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By Homega1.00 | Homin's Cryptoverse | 19 Apr 2021

The crypto markets witnessed a massacre very last Saturday as $10 billion in crypto had been liquidated in a single hour on the equal time as bitcoin plunged to $52,000 dropping more than 10% of its price.

Although Coinbase is making data with Nasdaq listing, with the markets radiating in pink and worry peaks, now not all people is in a celebratory mood this week. I wager plenty of you're wondering the cause in the back of this. Well, it appears that clearly a collection of unlucky events took place this weekend. But no want to fuzz approximately it expensive dealer, it is neither the primary time nor the very last. The proper ol' shoppers pass numb every time BTC takes a dip It's the current purchasers most important the FUD.

Amid the push to understand what is going on, analysts cited three crucial reasons for the surprising crash and FUD mentioning the hash charge crash in China and the Turkish vital monetary group ban of crypto rate, and the 1/three hay that broke bitcoin's uptrend changed into rumors from unknown assets approximately US regulators mulling to charge some unnamed "financial establishments" with crypto-related coins laundering:

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