Light(truth) over darkness(lie) always comes out

Light(truth) over darkness(lie) always comes out

By AndersonFrancis | ThePoet7 | 21 Sep 2020

Though the oceans may be brewed with darkness

And the red skies 

A courageous scorch


Though history may be remembered in silence

And the future thought through vainess


But the night remains 

And full of terrors

Yet light triumphs over darkness


For in the absence of light

Darkness prevails

And in the hiding of truth

Lies excel


So then why do we hope for the little things 

And give up that which is glorious


If light overshadows darkness

Then why do we see the darkness as home


The simple act of negligence

Has no futility


And that which we hide behind the walls

Will come out when the walls are broken




I am Anderson... I am a freelance writer I love reading but my work barely let's me do that😝. I have a thing for cryptocurrency 😁 I write music lyrics and can give sick beats, I write poetry sometimes about earth. Etc


Well...I have written about a couple poetry here so I have decided to make this blog my poetry lab...

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