The communist breakdown. how bitcoin factor in my opinion!

The communist breakdown. how bitcoin factor in my opinion!

So in a time of peace we will find wars to fight and vice verse. Yet not to many people are up to date with war. War is cruel it is precise and it wipes out nations.. so I come to you now asking what can topple a nation and infulstructure at the same time.. in the old times. it was breeding in to that society through slaves or noble marriages. then waiting till you had more numbers than the enemy. now it is a different time. we have technology that can read your thoughts before you have them. move your body though ways like playing a video game except your the main character. so then in todays society you have to be smarter. if our super computers defined us cultures then what could people do with a computer today that we couldn't do 20 years ago..

China operates a number of supercomputer centers which, altogether, hold 29.3% performance share of world's fastest 500 supercomputers.. The origins of these centers go back to 1989, when the State Planning Commission, the State Science and Technology Commission and the World Bank jointly launched a project to develop networking and supercomputer facilities in China.

and Russia..

Dec 27, 2011 · China is now working on a supercomputer made entirely from Chinese tech, Russia has made it clear that it would like to seed a homegrown tech industry that can power...

so what could these two entitys power together. knowing in my mind Russia was the first known democracy of government based around communism.. I call them the spy nation.. 

if you look at the u.s.a. and there modern computer. you cant look at a phone without the government looking right at you.. but china and Russia I believe they had bigger plans.. why else can you buy Chinese items in a dozen for 50 cents.. its because phones, artifacts same thing.. they have computers processing nick nacks in my mind processing a worm of sorts to shut down infastructures world wide like a globle ransomware... 

how does bitcoin tie in.. these micro processing units can be our best gift or worse enemy like our governments processing the anti worm bug before a globle meltdown happens... its currency yes and 95% of the worlds money is that.. but if a country were to process these micro processed algorithims could a worm not be sent back or in... so take time and thank those who support your efforts they are your allies in any fight! to publishOx thanks for letting people find a voice.


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