The chicken or the egg

One out of every one trillion fortune cookies has this fortune...

What came first the chicken or the egg answer being without the chicken there would be no egg, without the egg there would be no chicken together there is balance. 

This goes together for a lot of life's mysteries. 

What came first light or dark? When darkness consumes the light, a spark leads darkness to a new day. Balance!

Then there's also the mysteries of war and peace. What came first?

Without one there would be no other either way time repeats itself.

Time and space?

When time repeats, space opens new time and bang a new beginning.

Beginning or end?

There needs to be a new beginning for a new end, if not neither would exist. We would be stuck in the present.

What came first the present or you?

You have that to decide for yourself. We were born into darkness saw through to light. Saw peace and war. Watched time repeat with Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

And when it boils down black and white balance so why color? When a dark and clear prism both make a rainbow.

A spark, a boom or a switch. We are all the same and things tend to turn out the way we make it.

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