Sports and psychology, at a molecular level.

I've been a bus driver for a couple of months. I noticed while on field trips for sporting events. The simplicity of complex ideas in the system.


Football for instance covers the atomic structure and leaves room for interpretation and discovery.


Two protons on either side. The band the neutron base. The referees act as a consent bond, either complex or convex. And the ball a symbol of an ion or cation, at an electron level.


The cheerleaders confused me the most. Though I remembered my poker experiences and how waitresses or a fond look from a feminine passer by showed me a great power. That of luck.


Cheerleaders represent the power of generational luck. Without the power of the femine spirit none of the event could take place the same way, or have a chance for an alternate outcome.


Then swimming 


I looked at the teams line up in a pool; noticing the wave buffers and the water developing strategy and understanding of how water worked. Our electrons have a power to manipulate the waves. Minor yes but enough to make or break a match. The understanding of water are the swimmers, coaches and fans are buoyant as one. 


Yet deeper like the pool is how I dove in.


DNA is my first instinct looking how gates reflected off the water with slight variations giving a communicative property, reflective or not.


The air gave understanding of individuals gravity.


And I thought football. Could the swimmers be an electron or the designing of phosphates in the genetic lines by secreting electrons into the water. Being purified and bonded.




Playing soccer myself. I started thinking of Football trying to come up with an understanding of the coordination of names. 


Soccer to football the players are deemed smaller usually and faster. Soccer would laugh and say we don't need protection when we knock into others. 


I started to think of a unknown concept of my time in sports: a quirk. 


Volleyball has a similar property as soccer at a feminine nature. Could it be a femine quirk or just uricile in the genetic make-up. Personally reflecting probably the make-up of a quirk, with a double- helix type motive. 




The outer shells of electrons and making more shells as combining Perseption begins.


That was a base off my understanding of rock movements were you can find rocks of similar pattern and design not always same color. Around a bigger rock of same. With the dirt appearing to hold exact consequence.


Which led me to decide that we are growing or shrinking. That we are all necessarily a 45 degree angle that built ourselves from the essence. 


That society holds key concepts of money within the base of humanity, the universe, computers. Aswell as genetic make up.


A rectangle or square. Circle or oval, and a triangle.


Men and woman, computer or coin all share these at a fundamental level and it springs from a 45 degree angle..


In sports that's called mastering the fundamentals.

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