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Prisms and People Vol 1

When you think of prisms you think a clear triangle shaped structure that separates  them light. This is a basic model to a much bigger riddle. There are also black triangle shaped structures that seperate light in an opposite stream put them side to side they reflect and seperate opposites. So could this mean there is a cosmic opposite in people. For every white person there is a opposite black person. How many other prisms could there be? Are there red prisms where the color is seperated into 6 shades of red. What then would be the opposite. There are such things as polar opposites. Just viewing my computer I have seen things called retroactive colors. For instance purple and green are retroactive. Is that what seperates people polar and retroactive. Could there be more prisms that are not widly known or could give answers to life in general. I'm under the impression that flesh bone. They are concepts to say we are dense and able to withstand. Boil everything down to a theological or astrophysical ideology then Angles and colors are the only truth worth understanding. We are unique by both characteristics we all have a angle on are phaleses and volva and no 2 people look exactly the same. May be similar as in identical twins but theres always a way to identifie one from the other.

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