Infrastructure and time. The real problem.

Infrastructure and time. The real problem.

Looking back on the last few months, I have had many discussions. Some with people some to inanimate objects. I come to ideas outside the norm. I have ideas that some would say are stranger than fiction. The real reason to write and discuss is for open dialog to find answers in colighs, children, and mentors. 

Today's discussion was on infrastructure. How teachers would deal with opening of schools. Teachers have had months to plan and make schools habitable again. They have made great strides to make sure kids are fed. The problem raised is that teachers will be no longer educators but glorified baby sitters. With covid riots and general disrespect from students. One raises the question why havent teachers been protected yet. There has been a relaxed approach to discipline since the 90's and teachers have had to look as mob mantality reigns supreme in the classroom. As a decline of American students scores becomes the norm. 

Why didnt government bodies create emergency measures to protect the rights of educators.?

Teachers/babysitters are subject to more mental scars than the average my opinion.

They deal with emotionally disturbed, abused, traumatized, entitled. Products of there environments who suck the life out of those who want to give them a better life. The govt should be ashamed for not taking time to address that the teachers of the world can fall under lidigation for doing there jobs. Instead of protecting them with the schoolwide measures already In place. Only to devise measures under selfish acts.

With the latest broadcasts the last 5 months are on the forfront of everyones minds. To think the leaders have not covered there own asses or the teachers is becoming all more real. 

To think some schools will open fulltime others half schedule others online.

If a school opens fulltime students will be open to infection. Teachers as well. Parents would be happy because they can go to work or mix that margarita they've been waiting for since 6:30 in the morning for. 

Half time kids open to infection parents miss work because they have to pick kids up. People start screaming at govt for reform because people say teachers arent doing enough. When all anyone wanted was the kids to get out of there hair so they could figure out how not to be in an illegal tent under an overpass in 6 months.

Online learning. Kids are home no persons sick, but people are down to one paycheck. Meanwhile the bread winner is starting to feel taken advantage of, and a abusive and or passive aggressive life is all the kids will know.

Sure I understand that people won't always act like this. I have learned that people act irrationally because people arent rational. 

Like I stated mob mantality grabs ahold of everyone. Usually based around mobmantality. That's found in the classroom at work or even on the t.v.

So I pose the question again why hasnt govt protected the teachers?

As everyone saw 1k got delivered to every person. What happened riots. We want more! You think that has been instilled into this generation of learners. 

What do you think kids are going to do? Those are there examples.

Huddle together or fight.

Either way someone will give us money. 

Educators have scared and or fearful kids coming to them and they want progress at the White House. How? 

The average kid will be looking for comfort or security. And its driven by the parents. Most anyone can do is look to teachers as a babysitter. Not an educator. But that would violate free public education guidelines. Might aswell give every kid a private education now.

You didnt protect teachers or students and you had months!


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