Census of racism in 1880

Census of racism in 1880

.6 percent of all trans Atlantic slaves made it to north america out of 10 million. Rest found themselves in south americaVia encyclopedia

EH.Net › encyclopedia › slavery-in-... Slavery in the United States - EH.Net By 1808, when the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the U.S. officially ended, only about 6 percent of African slaves landing in the New World had come to North America. Slavery in the North. Colonial slavery had a slow start,   This is out of 12.5 million slaves 2.5 million said to have died outta 10 million

In 1880 there numbers were 4.4 million. 

Chinese in 1880 were 105k with 3k being citizens meaning they had to be married to a white person or citizen.

Numbers are always judged 90% of statistics are made up.

I say this in regards to white people having a majority of 64%

My thought process is this that 4.4 million Africans and a made up percent being citizens knowing citizens could be obtained through marriage. Or naturalization. And that in 1886 afro Brazilians gained citizenship. That the said 64% has to be another made up statistic. With latino latino black Asian Asian black Asian white latino Asian the percent that is white given 6% of world is that. The mixing alone would prove a census is what we identify as. Nothing more. And any inequality is in the mind of the beholder. We are one race. Are skin is a color but percentage of people mixed with everything and have to identified with one is greater.

32% identifying white are incarcerated 37% identifying black 48% white are deemed mentally Ill, number of police brutality lean greater to white being assaulted or murdered.


6% white

17% African

17% latino

50+% Asian

Per populace

With greater numbers comes greater responsibility. Lives matter especially black. But majority of worlds wealth cant belong to white. A majority knows how to stay majority. Protest spark mob mantality. That ensues violence. Nazis did it, same thing different world. Know ones saying white cops dont target..black cops target...latino cops target... know one wants to lock up what they identify with.. numbers though given amount of total percent. Mixed or not identified race people are not equal. Whites included. I dont appreciate being devalued. Even if people think I'm a majority. I lived in LA I could drive 10 minutes before seeing someone I identifie with. 

It's the same most places give it a shot.. drive down the ride see your people. That's the real census.


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