WandaVision: Return of the Stones?

WandaVision: Return of the Stones?

I think it is safe to assume that, by now there are a lot of theories going on out there regarding the new WandaVision series from Marvel. But I don't feel right by not putting my own interpretation out there. So here it is.

We know that Thanos destroyed the stones in the original timeline, he said so himself. But he didn't exactly willed them out of existence, he said he reduced them to atoms. So it's still existing. Just inaccessible. I think the series is about one of the consequences of destroying the stones like that. As the Collector said, the stones can't be kept apart. My reasoning for believing the stones are involved is well founded, I think.

There're a lot of theories that suggest the commercials in the series are representing the stones. I believe that, to a point. I think Wanda, in his grief, did try to bring back Vision. But she needed to bring back the Mind stone for that. She has a unique connection to the stone as her power came from it, as far as we know. So, in theory, she could sense it, or even bring it back. That part is shown in the trailers of WandaVision series (her bringing back the stone). But, I think, she might succeeded in bringing it back only because it was now entangled with the other stones, gaining powers from them as well, more than ever. I've a few reasons supporting that and some inferences based on them.

1. The Hex: It's all over the place. I personally think that this is representing the stones. Hexagon, has six sides joined together as one. So, if I'm right. it shows that the stones have fused into one entity rather than six separate ones.

2. Wanda's increased powers: Her powers have increased too much in this series. We may not have really seen what she was capable of yet, but that doesn't change the fact that she's OP now. She has shown power of time stone as she has rewound the TV broadcast more than once and we know from Darcy's attempts at interfering that the broadcast is real-time. So, edits can't account for the rewinding. She has shown the powers of reality stone as she's rewriting reality all over the place. Then, space stone, implementing that barrier. Mind stone of course, Vision. Power stone could be what keeps it all together without collapsing. Then there's the Soul stone. I haven't found any powers that shows it's existence. BUT. Wanda's is not entirely in control. Perhaps that has something to do with the Soul stone being involved.

3. CMBR: First of all, the relic radiation is not something that's radiated from a source, it's just there. So it's appearance is stupid. But Marvel doesn't do stupid. So, I think CMBR is there because the stones are there. Remember, the stones formed at the Big Bang, the birth of the universe. And Big Bang created CMBR. So, it could be that the CMBR is present there because of the stones being there together. It could even be that the Soul stone has something to do with the broadcasting of the events happening inside the Hex.

4. The Commercials: As previous theories have shown. The commercials show infinity stones. Frist the toaster shows Mind stone. Then Watch, time stone. Hydra Soak, Space stone. A mess of red liquid, Reality stone. Trying to gain energy from the "Yo!Magics" killing you in the end; kind of like trying to wield the Power stone. Now all that's left is, of course, the Soul stone. And as I've said before, it could be in control of the situation.

5. Stones being contained inside the Hex: This is a little far fetched, because if Wanda is not entirely in control of the situation, she's definitely capable of exerting some. What if she's exerting the control she has to keep her mistake in trying to reform the stones inside the barrier. It could be that whatever she tried to do somehow ripped a hole in the universe (she was playing with the stones). If that's the case, and by the end of the series, SWORD somehow break open the Hex, maybe that's what start the "Multiverse of Madness" in Doctor Strange 2. And we know she's in that movie.

These are some of my observations and inferences based on watching the series so far. Let me know what you think.

I would like to write more of these. So please give your support while you are at it.

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