Will Ethereum hit $3000 this week?

By TokenOnFire | holdthatcrypto | 2 May 2021

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and I am not your financial advisor.

Last week at this very same time, 1 Eth was worth around $2100 and right now it is almost about to hit $3000.


So what is actually going on. There are so many posts I have seen claiming that Eth has a much better performance than Bitcoin. It is just a matter of time to see. Eth 2.0 had the concept of proof of stake instead of proof of work- I believe this is what gives it an advantage over Bitcoin. I just bought a few today and wondering why I didn't buy during the dip last work.

Here is my opinion of how buying cryptocurrency thinking works. It may be for Ethereum or for any other coins. Here we go, we get Ethereum launched at around $1. Whoever wants to buy it will compare it to other cryptocurrencies and may choose another. The price rises to $2. They will then think about buying some of it thinking it will double again. Now the price reaches $10. What people would say to themselves - "Damn I should have bought it at $1 or $2". Whilst this is true, we need to agree that not everyone is lucky enough to catch every opportunities as they present. Each time the price will rise, people would wish they bought earlier.

Now if you repeat the same logic when 1 Ether is at $3000, imagine what people would say if the price reaches $3000. But I guess this is the way it works - not everyone wants to take risks and not everyone will get rich. As I mentioned the word risks - this does not necessarily mean if you take it you will get rich, there is also the possibility of losing your investment.

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