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ETHEREUM - Is it time to buy?

By TokenOnFire | holdthatcrypto | 6 Dec 2021

Note: Not financial advice. Do your own research before investing.

If you have been reading my past posts, I have been investing since April 2021 and honestly wished I was into this market a year before. I would probably be in a small bungalow right now with a small swimming pool and a small home Gym. This is all I need to be happy in life. Unfortunately, I did not invest early but yet, it's not too late in my opinion. 

Looking at the value that Ethereum increased from last year December to Now - it was around $600 and look at the price now. Even though there are ups and down, what a lot of people don't realize is about the long term benefits. I am not going to hide the values, I currently have 1.53 Ethereum which I bought at $3700 - I could take out profit right now, wait for another dip and then buy again. However, there would still be a risk of the price going up and not coming down again. 

So what I did at the moment is put my Ethereum in a saving account on Binance and enjoy 0.00001 Ethereum daily as return. Over the next 2 years, I am confident I will accumulate a good amount of Ethereum and that the price will go significantly high.

I am not an expert investor, but I keep writing about my experience to hope people can benefit from it. I hope you can become very rich one day with your investments and achieve all your dreams. Keep following my posts, I will be sharing my experience with BNB as well soon :)

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