By TokenOnFire | holdthatcrypto | 23 Apr 2021

Note: This blog was created last night before the Crypto market prices starts falling - but I still believe in what I wrote yesterday.

Ranked #2 and with a market dominance of 14.54% at the moment that I am writing this blog, Ethereum has hit a new high again on the 22nd April 2021. The first peak was going above the $2000 and now it has peaked up to $2600. 


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This is not financial advices but only my personal analysis and research on the currency. Ethereum seems to mimic a trend of another famous cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. Well the price was as low as $1.44 in August 2015 and right now in April 2021 that is an increase of up to: 180,555.55%. This is what I call a good return on investment. 

I am strongly confident that this price will go even higher in the months/years to come. If you are lucky to have this coin, I wish you can have a bright future in the future. I strongly believe that with the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 where the goal is to achieve more transactions at a faster rate - this might contribute to the price going higher.


Furthermore, Ethereum 2.0 will be using validators instead of miners which is more environmental friendly and energy efficient. The energy efficient/ more environmental friendly factor will not leave the price unaffected but may cause the price to explode hitting another yet all times high.  


If you are still reading this article and have reached till here - What do you think the price of Ethereum will be on 1st August 2021? Please let me have your thoughts in the comment section.

Have a lovely and happy day/night ahead :)

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