Crypto - long Term vs Short Term

By TokenOnFire | holdthatcrypto | 26 Apr 2021

Whether you are a new or an experienced Cryptocurrency investor, you must already know that the prices of cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Below I have shared my thoughts on short term vs long term investment.

Short Term:

  • Possibility to earn quick cash on a daily basis
  • Some people even do it as a job (they are experienced investor though)
  • Problem with this is the possibility of buying high and selling low
  • Short term investors (not all) often panic sell when there is a dip in the market, resulting in loss of money

Long Term:

  • Just invest and leave your money there for months/years
  • You need to be patient and avoid checking your wallet every day or even every 5 minutes
  • Possibility to earn very high return in months/years 
  • However as the market is volatile, it is still possible that you lose money in the process - the price may go very low as well

Below is a video I have made based on my own opinion - this is not financial advice. Please do not hesitate to comment your thoughts in the comment section.


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