Blockchain Beth: A Bitcoin Poem

Blockchain Beth: A Bitcoin Poem

By Blockchain Beth | Hodler's Press | 10 Jan 2021

Blockchain Beth,
once so scared of death
she couldn't take a risk
to save her life.

Yet now, no matter the weather,
she toils to secure but one treasure:
this emergent asset
called Bitcoin.

The winner of the race,
an elemental fire in cyberspace,
she just can not let this knowledge
fall to waste.

Bitcoin Beth
just sold all her ETH
to put every egg
in one basket.

Now she sits still through every climb
exchanging and hodling every dime
just waiting, waiting, waiting
for those future finish lines.

Blockchain Beth
Blockchain Beth

Part-time student - full-time daydreamer and blockchain gaming enthusiast.

Hodler's Press
Hodler's Press

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