Your Right to Wipe, Now Tokenized by CoinMarketCap

Your Right to Wipe, Now Tokenized by CoinMarketCap

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 31 Mar 2020

On that day we see some news about ''Binance acquisition of CoinMarketCap'', the team behind CMC announced ToiletPaperToken-TPT. 

The CEO of the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, CZ had already talked about ''2 major acquisition by Binance in 2020'' at the beginning of 2020. And today at 3 AM, we see the news about CoinMarketCap acquisition by Binance in that week for about 400 millions of dollars. You can check the related news here. Until now, there is not any announcement about this claim from Binance team but we certainly know that CMC team worked hard to create TPT behind the scenes. Let's check the details. 

What is TPT?

TPT is tokenized form of the ''toilet paper'' in our daily lives. The CMC team created this token to supply the increasing need of toilet paper all over the world because of COVID-19 quarantines. The team stated that the need dor using toilet paper rised significantly last month due to quarantine life. And they created a token to meet the increasing need of toilet paper. 


What does ''out of stock'' means?

On the ISO-Initial Scattering Offering, the total supply for TPT is indicated as 8 billions but there's a note here. The note says that it will be determined according to the changing levels of the toilet paper demand so it's pointed as ''out of stock''. Besides that, the team want to eliminate the possibility of creating monopoly over the TPT token so they created a quiz to receive TPT: Ply Count Quiz


How can I buy TPT?

This quiz is set to be fair on distributing tokens all over the community and supported by new KYC process, Know Your Colon. With this method, the minimum age to receive TPT is set 3 years old. And the private sale for the TPT will start tomorrow on Shitake Exchange. Get the money ready to buy some!

With the rising market cap and price, it's one of the strongest candidate to HODL until end of the COVID-19 pandemy. You can check the details from here.

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