Top 5 Most Profitable Exchange Tokens in Q1, 2020

Top 5 Most Profitable Exchange Tokens in Q1, 2020

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 10 Apr 2020

The only thing is not leveraging Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies on COVID-19 quarantine days. There are more options like lending, staking or just spot trading and it could be more and more profitable than ever nowadays. If you try to calculate your return of investment (ROI) you will face with ‘’negative’’ results. It’s -21% for Ethereum, -28% for Bitcoin and even -35% for Ripple. So all of your investment may not return profits all the time and for that time, you can buy and HODL some exchange tokens to avoid losing funds, even taking some profits.

According to CoinMarketCap datas, there are more than 300 cryptocurrency exchange platforms all over the world. And almost all of them have unique token in different names like OKB, BNB, HT etc… You can buy these exchange tokens in order to reduce your trading fees, to join the token sales or votings, to become VIP member of the related exchange. Besides all of these functions, you can trade them on exchanges and get more profit than other major tokens. You can see the profit rates of the most 5 exchange tokens from the beginning of the 2020, below.


The image taken from ''CryptoRank''


1. OKEx Utility Token/ OKB

On the top of the leaderboard table, we see the unique token of OKEx – OKB. The profit rate of the OKB is more than 70% while Bitcoin and other major crypto assets dumped. There are some reasons to support OKB while Bitcoin dumping. For example, OKEx became the most liquid futures trade exchange even overtaking the BitMEX. And the team announced upcoming ‘’OKEx DEX’’ wiil be available in the following weeks. Besides that, OKChain will be created and OKB will move into its own mainnet. So all of these reasons made OKB +72% ROI even though Bitcoin price dumped more than 25%. Also OKB is the most valuable token on the list, about 4.5$ per OKB.


2. ZB Token/ ZB

The ‘’ZB Token’’ takes 2nd places on the leaderboard table with more than 23% ROI from the beginning of that year. This token can be used to become weekly-VIP status from ZB exchange. You can check further details about ZB here. Also ZB has the most circulating token supply in these 5.


3. Huobi Token/ HT

On the 3rd place, we see Huobi Token. In the following 3 months HT rised more than 23% and still making more profits for HODLERS. Seven year-old exchange Huobi’s own token rise made by futures tournament and predominantly became from ‘’Huobi Mining Arm’’.


4. Gatechain Token/ GT

With more than 19% ROI, GT takes places 4th position on the table. With new VIP system, upcoming 7th anniversary celebration events and developed staking system features GT rised nearly 20% in last 3 months. Even it’s the least liquid market in this 5 token, GT is not at the top of the list. So we can mark it more stable than other ones.


5. FTX Token/ FTT

At the bottom of the leaderboard, we see FTT. With perpetual contract trades, FTT burns with the exchange commissions and ‘’US Presidental Elections’’ features, FTT rised nearly 15% in the last 3 months.

I tried to explain that ‘’You don’t have to trade only major coins.’’ Even with low liquidities and less features, the exchange tokens could be better than any coin on Corona-days.

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