Top 5 Biggest Blockchain Transactions Ever Made

Top 5 Biggest Blockchain Transactions Ever Made

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 14 Apr 2020

We all live together with cryptocurrencies since from December, 2017 because of the great bull season. But the total history of the crypto world is not limited to that date. The beginning of the history goes to 3rd of January, 2009 and maybe the most well-known Bitcoin transaction is 10,000 BTC for pizza order which is also known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. The exact date is 22rd of May, 2010. It’s worth only a couple of dollars on the transaction date but now it equals about 70,000,000$. It seems huge but not even the biggest. I want to notify you about the 5 biggest transactions ever made on different chains up to now.


1. The Biggest BITCOIN Transaction


Bitcoin is the leader of the crypto world and it’s the most common digital asset for daily usage. It had already been used for most of the shopping payments but still like a baby in financial system. Even it’s just like a baby, it made great works until now. In this period, the largest Bitcoin transaction was made on 16th of November, 2011. It equals 500,000 BTC in one single transaction. Wow, that’s really huge and it equals nearly 3.5 billions of $ with today’s ratio. It is impossible to know who made this transaction or why it’s made, I hope the receiver person still HODLING it.


2. The Biggest LITECOIN Transaction


After the revolution of digital assets on global financial system, Bitcoin become the leader but it has lots of negativity behind this leadership. The payment fees and the arrival time of transactions are just some examples about the  negative properties of Bitcoin. But for Litecoin, most of the major negative properties are discarded so it’s getting more and more popularity everyday.

Let’s come to our topic, what is the largest LTC transaction ever made? The answer comes from a Medium article. In the related article, it’s written that totally 1,159,005 Litecoin in one single transaction. And the total amount of the transfer is about 62 millions of $ on that day.


3. The Biggest RIPPLE Transaction

XRP is always known with the news about its company either positive or negative conditions. And there are lots of both fans and haters from XRP. Anyways, the XRP currency is one of the examples of the digital assets that most commonly used for any transastion. Plus the Litecoin’s speed and fee advantage, XRP has MEMO thing that let us to point out every single wallet in a wallet ocean.

When we come to our main topic, the biggest transaction, it’s not so clear. Because I found 2 different news about it and the one transaction is equal 4 times more than the other. So I want to talk about the lesser one because I didn’t get the TXID of the other one. The transaction that I’m talking about was made on 7th August, 2019 and includes 100,000,000 XRP in one single transfer which equals about 31 millions of $ on the transaction date.

For the bigger one, I found only this news but I can’t confirm it so I didn’t use it.


4. The Biggest MONERO Transaction


Monero occupies the 14th position of the CoinMarketCap right now and mostly known with its security features. Even though it’s not the right position in my opinion, XMR is one the oldest assets and will reach the proper position in time. So the biggest XMR transfer was made on 17th July, 2014 and total amount of transferred XMR is 506,510 XMR in one single transaction. You can see the details here.


5. The Biggest STELLAR Transaction

XLM currency has the ‘’inflation’’ feature and the team are organized according to that. Again it’s one of the fastest currencies. On 19th of March, 2019 the biggest XLM transfer happened with 1,000,000,311 in one single transaction. It is nearly 114 millions of $ on the transfer date. You can track it here.


Those are sum of my research on the net. If you know bigger transfers you can show them us on comment part.

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