The New Face of Online Advertising Built on Solana: Introducing CROWNY

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 18 Apr 2021

Greetings Publish0x community, today I want to introduce you to the platform themed around entertainment, fun, advertising, and many more, namely CROWNY. Crowny is a new-gen advertising platform to match the right audiences with the relevant product owners, brands, and projects with the help of the innovativeness of blockchain usage. Crowny is aiming to launch a mobile application to serve a broader range of people in Q2, 2021. This app will include both advertisers and consumers, letting them filter the unwanted ones to reach more effective use of ad funds as well as the time. Now, please read on to find what's more...


What's CROWNY, briefly?

Crowny is a platform that aims to connect users with the favorite companies and brands without creating any security issues such as data leakage. All of us spend hours while surfing on the net every single day. During that time, we're facing too many ads ranging from an outfit firm to a tape cartridge. But most of them are irrelevant products for the time of ad exposure. So, it ends up with a waste of time and money for companies; on the other hand for users (or possible consumers), it becomes more and more annoying over time additionally to wasted time. In such a world, Crowny aims to help both the advertisers and the consumers by providing relevant ads to users, lowering the costs of ads, and protecting the data of both sides. 

According to the news published on VIEO News, 54% of people complain about ''disrupting ads'' and 64% of all say ''ads are annoying''. These results are not different than what we think about them. Nearly two-thirds of people are not satisfied with ads, while more than 80% of people say ''they want to block the ads''. According to these results, we can say that only 1 out of 6 people is happy with the current advertisement policy of companies. Now that we can't completely finish the whole advertisement sector, we must find a solution to that situation. Here comes the features of the Crowny platform.

Nowadays, the use of ad blockers on both browsers and mobile phones is high. One famous example for the Publish0x community is Brave Browser. Brave provides a selective ad-blocking function with a rewarding system to promote itself. But due to the nature of a regular ERC20 token, the fee for transferring BAT tokens went extremely high lately. Here comes a new problem to solve: high gas fees... Crowny aims to build the main platform on the Solana chain to overcome any high gas fees problems as well as lowering the transaction time. If you are not familiar with the Solana chain, please read my blog post about Solana and its features first. 



What're the Products of Crowny?

At the time of writing, there are 2 main products to build. One of them is a web browser that lets users interact with brands and the other one is a mobile application. From a user perspective, you should only sign up to the platform and select the relevant categories for yourself. In that way, you won't face FX trading companies' ads anymore but you will see the crypto trading platforms (assuming that you select the cryptocurrency section). So, the FX company won't waste money to promote itself to a crypto believer anymore. 


As you can see from the above media, users will receive rewards to see ads. After determining your preferences, you will be rewarded with some tokens for receiving ads. This way creates cost-effective management of advertising services for companies as well as rewards will create greater audiences than expected. These rewards will be obligatory for companies. It means that no more annoying ads! When you receive the rewards in token form, you can convert them to any other currency any time you want. The settings are not limited to what you see, only. Also, users can determine the frequency and the length of the ad. 

One last thing to talk about brands is user privacy. Lately, in early-2021, the whole world is tired of reading news of data leakage. The respondents are the biggest companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many others. Crowny platform aims to stop such data leakage by determining the industries that have access to their info. Otherwise, no one can reach that data and utilize it for money. Crowny will provide a secure and private experience via the anonymization of data.


How Crowny Platform Works?

After signing up to Crowny, companies have the right to advertise themselves to users. But the obligatory thing to do is rewarding users. If you are a brand owner and want to advertise on Crowny, you will register and put your budget on it. After that, everyone that interacts with your ad will be rewarded in turn they will gain a ''Loyalty position'' for that specific brand. This loyalty position will be represented as ''QR Codes'' inside the application. The QR Codes will be created by brand owners and they will be redeemable for tokens by the next owner.

Besides, project owners will have the right to notify the possible customers in different ways. For example, the GPS trigger system will help users to connect the nearby brands or on the other hand, a user will be notified via phone notifications to be updated.

1. Geofencing Marketing: Brands surprise their audience with a discount or offer on specific places near their shop or point of sale

  • Notify their target audience within a specific area
  • Attract potential customers with discounts for
  • Direct conversion
  • Generate more traffic to their physical store(s

2.QR code Marketing: Brands can challenge their target audience with QR codes on and offline in unexpected places, tempting consumers to claim an offer or accept a reward.

  • Learn from customers through surveys
  • Create trackable offline advertising objects
  • Attach a follow up like a video message, microtask, or website link
  • Combine with notifications or geofencing for optimal engagement

3. Push Notification Marketing: Brands keep their audience in the loop with direct messaging

  • Reach users who are waiting for notifications to increase engagement up to 88%
  • Send the latest trends, discounts, and other personalized content
  • Combine notifications with a follow-up; a microtask or visit to the store can enhance bonding
  • Show their audience a commercial


The Native Token: $CROWNY

As all other crypto projects have, Crowny has its native token, too. Contrary to what I said in previous paragraphs, the native $CROWNY will be first launched on the Ethereum chain in the ERC20 token form. To make it more stable and suitable to use for everyone, the team working hard to build an Ethereum-to-Solana bridge to reach the exact utility value of the Crowny platform. It's expected that the bridge will be functional before 2022 according to WhitePaper of Crowny. The $CROWNY token will be different than the redeemable Loyalty points. Anyone can create a Loyalty token for their company but the $CROWNY token is the only native token for now. We can summarize the use cases of the $CROWNY token as follows: 

  • Liquidity Providing: Liquidity will be crucial for the Crowny platform. Traditional companies will pay in fiat to get $CRWNY and users will be able to swap their $CRWNY to fiat. These mechanisms create a high demand for liquidity. $CRWNY holders will be able to provide liquidity for CRWNY-ETH and CRWNY-USDC. They can then stake the received LP tokens for additional rewards. These rewards include $CRWNY and a possibility of getting NFT.
  • Staking: The majority of the future user base will likely not have had any experience with crypto before. The staking of $CRWNY will be something that is relatively easy to understand and will be available through the mobile application. The rewards gained for staking $CRWNY will be the same as for providing liquidity but are vested over time. This ensures a controlled supply and will act as a consistent incentivization for non-withdrawal and locking $CRWNY in the platform.
  • NFTs (possible): These NFTs will offer different functionality, including access to products from partners, increased yields, and collectibles. The exact details regarding NFTs will, like the rewards curves from the aforementioned sections, be released during the weeks prior to the launch.

900,000,000 CROWNY token is the maximum supply of tokens. Until now 37% of the total token supply is sold for seed and private sale rounds. The Crowny team has raised 1,350,000$ in these 2 sale rounds. Besides that, $CROWNY token public sale will be held on DAO Maker's Launchpad with a maximal 500$ allocation per wallet. Please check the relevant DAO Maker page or the tweet below. 

Please check WhitePaper of Crowny for more information about the token utility, sales, allocations, and many more here.


What to Expect from CROWNY before 2022?

  • Microtask and multi-trigger campaign features launch
  • First NFT mints
  • The bridge from Ethereum to Solana and the launch of SPL-CROWNY
  • Augmented Reality Layer Development
  • Working in collaboration with universities, blockchain Netherlands
  • Participation in local events, hackathons, and meet-ups


*This article is created to spread the awareness of Crowny and its features by utilizing the WhitePaper, and the Crowny Medium Blog. None of the words above contain any kind of investment advice! Please DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing.
**If you are interested in writing articles about ANYTHING on Publish0x, you can follow this link.
***The images above are taken from Crowny Pitchdeck.

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