Still Bullish? Read This Before Making Choice

Still Bullish? Read This Before Making Choice

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 22 Mar 2020

After the declaration of pandemy for COVID-19, most of the investing materials dumped too hard in 30 to 50% as well as Bitcoin. On the 12-13th of March, we see the new year’s bottom on 3700s. After that time, whole market went into large fluctuations and it became impossible to mark the next station of the Bitcoin price. Today, BTC price is dancing around 6000s. But, what is the next?

Most of the market makers say that ‘’we see the last bottom’’ or ‘’that’s the best price for buying Bitcoin that year’’. So they appear BULLISH, as they always are. Besides that, we hear lots of new ‘’confirmed’’ COVID-19 cases within this bad situation of the markets. This makes us more worried about the near future and make people not to invest anything further. When we consider all of these conditions, ‘’dirty cash’’ money is NOT enough to boost the crypto market and prices anymore. Because ,you can’t buy a loaf of bread or a couple of coffe for simple breakfast, NOT YET!

I had already tried to explain the reasons for last BTC DUMP on my previous article. None of the problems hasn’t resolved yet. So within the ‘’bad’’ market outlook, it’s hard to buy new BTC instead of waiting on USDT.

In this article, I want to share my opinions about Bitcoin price in the following hours/days. As you can see here on the graphic below, it’s easily seen that we will see new bottoms on the next days. Wedges are coming from 5200-3700 and the fib levels are on the target for 5250, respectively. So it’s still possible for us to see a new DUMP on market in these days.


There are lots of news that we can’t verify which says ‘’some of the stock markets will be closed for a while’’. Those are not even news, only fake rumours but it’s enough to make us more and more worried about market situation. When we check all things again ,I can’t see anything better than last week or yesterday. So in my opinion, it’s inevitable that we’ll face another dump with big and red candles down to… (You should fill the blank here in your mind, don’t trust anyone about trading so the next is up to you.)

This article only shows ‘’my own opinion’’ about BTC price. It doesn’t include any trading advice. Please don’t forget that cryptocurrency markets still have huge risks so be careful about what you’re investing!

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HODL the Universe
HODL the Universe

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