Index-based KOIN, Innovative "Mining" System and First-Stop Earning Exchange: KOINDEX

Index-based KOIN, Innovative "Mining" System and First-Stop Earning Exchange: KOINDEX

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 8 Oct 2020

In the last weeks of the Q3,2020, when Defi winds dominated the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, Koindex is founded as Turkish-based cryptocurrency exchange with Japanese investment. Japanese investor support approximately 6,500,000 TL and the expert team behind Koindex chose one of the countries with the highest level of recognition of cryptocurrency as the new center: Turkey. Not only are we talking about a country that its unique desserts and kebabs that leave an exquisite taste on the palate, but also will come up with its new role in the cryptocurrency world. Using Koindex, you can easily double your earnings not only through cryptocurrency trading, but also as the owner of exchange's own token: ‘KOIN’. Let's take a closer look at Koindex, which aims to become a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange with the support it will receive from Turkey…



Koindex is not a word formed alone, it is formed as a result of a combination of the words KOI and INDEX. Koi is the name of a group of fish in Japan. But its main meaning comes from the fact that it never stops living and fighting, even under extremely difficult conditions, alongside its beauty. It represents that the KOIN based cryptocurrency sector may be very little affected by the sudden declines and/or rises that may occur, even continue on its way with minimal damage. Based on the philosophy around this fish, the name of the exchange was determined as ‘Koindex’. At the same time, this fish has been identified as a symbol of both the exchange and its unique token. This time, the meaning is to emphasize its firm stance in contrasts and thus it is a highly profitable investment tool.



What is KOIN? What Is The Area Of Use?

KOIN is a cryptocurrency specific to the Koindex exchange and created on the ERC20 chain. A total of 10 billion KOINs have been produced and are currently only traded on the Koindex exchange. 40% of this total supply will be paid as a ‘Trade Bonus’ and the remaining 60% is reserved for various partnership works, especially the KOIN Fund. For detailed information, please refer to the Rulebook.

KOIN should not be perceived as a simple ERC20 token. Because the price of KOIN is not determined only by users trading on the market. On the contrary, valuing the KOIN price is determined by an index in order to apply the koi fish philosophy under difficult conditions. The index price value, calculated for the first time as 0.025$ as of the end of August 2020, when the market is operational, is regulated against fluctuations of more than 10% regardless. There are 3 basic elements that make up the index. These are Gold, Dollar and Bitcoin prices, respectively. As of the end of August 2020, Bitcoin's weight on the index was 20%, while the other two elements, Dollar and Gold, were given a 40% 40% share. These index valuation ratios are not fixed, on the contrary, they are designed in an ever-changing dynamic ratio to ensure price stability. As of October 8, 2020, the distribution of index rates is as follows: Gold 41.51%, dollar 33.45% and Bitcoin 25.04%

Creating the index and preventing price fluctuations of more than 10% was developed entirely to reward Koindex users and KOIN owners, providing them regular earnings. Based on the index price of 0.0241$ set as of today, it is a fact that even users who benefit from the pre-sale at the end of August earn at least 20%.


The index, prepared in the name of stabilizing the price of KOIN and regularly rising, does not reveal all the characteristics of KOIN, of course. Holders of KOIN whose price is regulated are entitled to a share of the market revenue. It is named Revenue Sharing. Koindex exchange has allocated 60% of its daily income to distribute to KOIN owners and has prepared 4 different programs to let users to get a share of this income. You can be a part of this program by simply staking your KOINs without any locks or under the plans of Pledge, respectively, and you can get a greater share of stock market revenue with 30 and 90-day Pledge plans. The KOINs used under the 90-day Pledge plan allow you to take a share of 60% of the stock market's daily profit, while the 30-day plan reduces the share to 40% of the amount to be distributed. With Staking, this rate is reduced to 30%, while the rate that will fall to your share of market revenue is designed as 20 thanks to the KOINs that you will only hold in your wallet without taking any action. It is also possible to increase the amount of KOIN you have while taking advantage of these 4 different programs. To do this, you must use either Pledge or Staking. It is possible to increase the amount of KOIN that you will get with the Pledge-90 plan by ‘12% + Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey interest rate’, while only Staking this rate decreases to 1%. For detailed information, see the relevant page.


What Makes KOIN a First In World And Reliable?

  • Unique design for a stable long-term price increase
  • Receive daily distributions from exchange revenue
  • Designed to create stability
  • Suitable for long-term investments with constant price protection


How can I have KOIN?

After becoming a member of Koindex, you can get KOIN in 2 separate ways. The first of these is to buy at the regulated market price which is based on the index. In addition, any user can make production by mining KOIN. To do this, you must select 2 different cryptocurrencies equivalent and use the auto-mining feature. Keep in mind that you can do both automatic mining at the same time and use the KOINs you have mined directly in the Pledge-90 plan.



According To The Plans, How Much Is Expected To Be Annual Earnings?

KOIN dividend amount to be distributed to owners each day by the market is expected 200,000$/day and the price of KOIN 0.03$ as on the basis of the calculations according to both the owner and the Pledge of any dividend within 1 year of KOIN, total value of your KOINs is expected to approximately double. To calculate your approximate profit/loss status during this time and find out the share that the exchange will distribute to KOIN owners every day, click the appropriate page.


3 Campaigns To Make You A Member Of Koindex

  • Pledge 90 Mission Campaign: Thanks to this campaign, which will last until October 20, 2020, new users will receive 2000 KOIN as a bonus for 4000 KOIN they produce. Also the rewards for existing users are bigger! Click here for details.
  • Koindex Opening Inauguration: This campaign, which has been extended until October 31, 2020, will allow users who produce 20 USDT worth of KOIN to earn 20$ worth of ‘Koin Mining Ticket’. Click here for details.
  • Battle of the Pledgers ROUND 2: During this campaign, which will last until November 6, 2020, a total of 100,000$ in prizes will be shared between users who participate in the Pledge-90 campaign with the most-pledged amount of KOIN for 1 month. Click here for details. 


You can become a member of Koindex, take advantage of opening opportunities, and get your share of ongoing campaigns. Also please join official Telegram group and follow Twitter to become updated.

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