Does ‘’e-Sports’’ Engage Our Future with Crypto?

Does ‘’e-Sports’’ Engage Our Future with Crypto?

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 30 Mar 2020

‘’e-Sports’’ is currently becoming the most-viewer attracted online events all over the world. After 2010s, the rising audience crowds and rewards make it more and more interesting. Besides that, the online games is too easy to reach and/or watch with the YouTube or Twitch live-streams. Most of maybe didn’t hear it so far, but remember that most of us didn’t hear the cryptocurrencies until late-2017 as well. So let’s discuss further about e-sports, cryptocurrencies and our future…


What is ‘’e-Sports’’?

Some of the examples of the traditional sports are ‘’tennis, football, basketball, soccer’’ etc… They’re named as ‘’traditional’’ because the participants, either individual or team, must perform a face-to-face match. But ‘’e-Sports’’ is a little different than these ones.

First of all, the opponent teams or individuals don’t see each other while the match is ongoing mostly, they don’t have to see each other also. Because the computers bring them to ‘’face-to-face’’ position. Secondly, the match streams is not limited only on TVs. The ‘’e-Sports’’ games can be wathced in TVs, YouTube, Twitch, phones etc… Besides all that, you can directly affect the players via social media. It may result ‘’creating better players’’ but it may result to ‘’losing a player from that game’’. We can extend the list further.


In this industry, there are many types of games. MOBA means ‘’multiplayer online battle arena’’ and includes the games like DOTA2. FPS means ‘’first player shooter’’ and includes CS:GO and Overwatch. Or some other games such as PUBG, has a distinctive feature named as ‘’multiplayer battle royale game’’. We can extend the list but I want to point out the relationship between the blockhain ecosystem and ‘’e-Sports’’. For who interested in reading about ‘’e-Sports’’ you can start with the related Wikipedia page.

Is ‘’e-Sports’’ popular?

As I stated earlier, the ‘’e-Sports’’ fans growing day-by-day but like the crypto/ blockchain world, it’s still on the ‘’creeping’’ part. Besides that, lots of people playing these games as an amatuer and want to watch the ‘’PRO’’ players anytime. Also one of the most desireable feature on ‘’e-Sports’’ platforms is betting. You can reach the betting platforms for any of the traditional sports I stated earlier. In addition to that, the total number of analysts, presenter, coach and any member related to this job are increasing continiously. With this features, it’s possible to become one the most popular ‘’sports branch’’ in the near future.

As you can check here from GoldmanSachs report, the economy behind the scenes is getting bigger and stronger every day. The total individual prizes is bigger than major tennis championships like Wimbledon or The Masters. And according to prediction, the total economy will reach up to 3 billion dollars in 2022 with more than 250 millions of audiences.

You can read the report about ‘’e-Sports’’ here but don’t forget that it’s from 2018. Within this 2 years, the world changed.


What about cryptocurrencies in ‘’e-Sports’’ world?

For crypto ecosystem, the most basic feature to implement into ‘’e-Sports’’ sector is betting as usual. There’re tons of platforms that allows users to bet someone or some teams instantly. But most of us think about the possible problems on such platforms because lack of transparency and security of funds. You can still bet with any cryptocurrencies but none of them provides you the security or transparency. To solve these huge and fill the gap about these issues, Rui Pedro and his team introduced the ‘’BetProtocol’’. Let’s see the details of the Project.


What is ‘’BetProtocol’’?

BetProtocol is the platform that hopes to create more secure and more transparent betting sites over the crypto ecosystem. To achieve this goal, they are trying to bring the blockchain technology into daily usage. The main goal of the team is to help dAPP developers with their main infrastructure about betting systems. Within the scope of their goals, they provide users an infrastructure which is available to improve the platforms with lower costs and less manpower need.

As they stated in the WhitePaper, the probable biggest sports organizations includes ‘’e-Sports’’. So in their roadmap, the expansion into ‘’e-Sports’’ world occupies broad place. With the ease of BetProtocol’s platform forming feature, it seems that they will reach the top point of the ‘’e-Sports’’ world.


What is the relationship between ‘’BetProtocol’’ and ‘’e-Sports’’?

The announcement from BetProtocol Medium page on 27th January is about ‘’the expansion into e-Sports’’. The team stated that people think that online games are more fair and people don’t need to try hard to reach it. With these advantages, one of the leading online games ‘’League of Legends- aka LOL’’ viewer count out-paced the NBA-Finals. And the team announced the integration into ‘’e-Sports’’ will take place on Q2, 2020.


When we came to 4th of February, we see another announcement on Medium page. The content of this announcement includes 5 leading online games and why they need betting system with BPRO, which is the utility token for BetProtocol.

After all, we can say that ‘’e-Sports’’ will be the new NBA or NFL in the near future if we agree or not. It’s the same history between fiat and crypto 10 years before. Almost nobody believed Bitcoin can survive up to now but we see the history until 2020 and we will more. If you want to survive after this economic tightness nowadays, we must have some cryptocurrencies for long-period. This is same again about traditional games and online video games. There’re competition between this 2 sectors nowadays but the result after 10-year period is ‘’WIN’’ for online ones. Also this success may be achievied by BetProtocol’s great ecosystem faster.

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