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Boboo, which is the first cryptocurrency exchange website with PoB (Proof of Behaviour) feature, launched its unique token named as BOBT on 5th of March,2020. As one of the leading exchange websites all around the world, Boboo has the core team with blockchain experts to create new road between blockchain adoption daily lives via its unique PoB feature in the upcoming future.

Even though Boboo is nearly 6-month old by now, it has enough liquidty to provide best trading experince for users. As you can imagine, lower liqudity means bigger price differences between ‘’the highest buy’’ and ‘’the lowest sell’’ orders. So this makes you nervous about trading. But none of us is worried about this characteristics on Boboo. Also, this superiority is one of the results of ‘’Proof of Behaviour’’ feature which lets users gain based on standart activities likes trading. Let me explain the PoB feature furtherly…

How is ‘’Proof of Beahviour’’ created?

The technical team members of Boboo who comes from different leading companies like Google, Alibaba, Tencent etc… realized that digitization of all assets in-use today’s world will be an obligation in the future. According to this opinion, they plan to change the features of current exchanges from only making trades and gain more money to reach money with only behaviours as a trader so they created the ‘’Proof of Behaviour’’ feature. The first and basic explanation of PoB has published on Boboo Medium page on 13th of November, 2019. When you check the article, you can easily understand the basic ways to earn USDT or BTC by completing basic tasks like only registration or trading…

What are the tasks for earning cryptocurrency via PoB?

All of you must register to the exchanges to trade on cryptocurrencies as same as on Boboo. But Boboo gives you opportunity to earn with only registering via simple email method. As you can see from the picture below; registration, KYC completion, inviting friends, trading more than 1$ and your invitee’s trading amounts will increase your total amount of ‘’Hash Rate-HRs’’. At the end of the day, all gained HRs from all Boboo users will be counted and your own HR count will be compared to total. After that every Boboo trader will have a ratio which describes the amount to be distributed to them.


It seems little complicated at the beginning but you can check the details about this program from this link. Besides that, you can check the total amount of distibuted USDT among the traders on the official Twitter account of Boboo. They release the details of PoB everyday on Twitter page as a picture and tweet.

After the brief explanation about Boboo, let’s discuss about the platform token BOBT.

The BOBT token is created on ERC20 blockchain with ‘’the most sincere platform token ever’’ slogan on 5th of March, 2020. Total supply determined as 21,000,000 and this token will be TOTALLY given away the users of Boboo. You can find the technical details of BOBT with this contract address.

We have discussed the PoB system on Boboo and the integration of BOBT with PoB will be held on same direction. The user who registers, completes KYC or trades at least 1$ worth tokens will receive different amounts of BOBT, also from the invitees’ trades. The Boboo team published the details of campaign of 21,000,000 BOBT giveaway on this article.

How and where can we use BOBT?

On the article I mentioned above, the team decided to share 100% of spot exchange profits with the BOBT HODLERS! So you can earn like PoB system and having HRs with similar methods with only holding BOBT on your exchange wallet.

On 20th of March, first BOBT tokens will airdropped into the user wallets who meets the requirements. Within the 100-day period until 3rd of July, either all of BOBT issued will be airdropped to the users or if there are some remaining tokens on the last day of the giveaway event, remaining amount will be burned. If the total supply of 21,000,000 is airdropped before that day, the program will be closed on the following day. , So token supply might be reduced according to user attention but will never increase. After that day, trading pairs of BOBT will be launched on Boboo and the users who can’t get BOBT from giveaway period could reach them via purchasing from the market.

What are the advantages of BOBT HODLERS?

The users will receive some amounts of exchange spot trading profit based on hodling amount of BOBT everyday. Boboo exchange will share 100% of profits to token holders. Besides that, on each week the exchange will ‘’re-purchase’’ the BOBT tokens with 1,2$ per 1 BOBT and the price of repurchase will increase every week by 2.5% first year, 1.25% second year. At the end of last week’s purchase of BOBT, the price will be 8.17$ per 1 BOBT on 2022.


Those are the brief explanation about Boboo and its unique token BOBT. If you are interested in to participate in those events and gain some BOBT, you can use this link and start trading on Boboo exchange.

Enjoy trading on Boboo!


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HODL the Universe

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