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Cryptofellla (RAP)

By SnarkRemark | Hodl it right there! | 12 May 2021

{todays message is brought to you by the letter C}

(Everybody catch the beat, clap your hands, and sing along!)

DANA DANE - Cinderfella 

Snoop Dogg - Snoopafella


Now once upon the time, on the crpyto scene /

i was using BlockFi with the BTC /

i was earnin some interest and stacking them stats!  //

then eth 2 said stake me! (on coinbase!)  /

When i tried to stake before i was sad ///  

needed 32 eth, which i never had ///  

but there is no min to stake with ETH2 anymore//  

so I bought what i could, with fiat of course//  

now the bankers, they always have something to say /  

"we run hedges, and you cant play!" /  

used to break my heart, they tried to keep me down //  

but cryptos for the people and we flipped around //  

now the youngin's be running for the doggy doge ///  

"cryptos cool but this is moon gold" ///  

and then one day up on SNL //  

Elon said it was a hustle sent it all to hell //  

he said "hear ye! hear ye! come one come all!" /  

"buy satellites with doge and we'll have a ball!" /  

"so if you got the coin, put it in my pocket" //  

"and i'll will fly the payload up in my rocket" //  

so i,  checked my wallet but i was out of cash ///  

then i remembered my Rollercoin crypto stash ///  

i even asked my credit card "may i?" //  

before i could finish [DECLINED] they replied //  

now the hedges are scrambling jumping into crypto /  

the government is wondering where the dollar will go /  

they tax it, they blast it, they know that we'll max it  //  

The scream as our profits go radioactive! //  

and as they stood there, shaking their fists!  /  

we jump into our rockets and blast off like this! /    


(Earning interest on your coins)  

And i'm the Rapper named SnarkRemark!  

(will increase percentage points)  

And i'm the Rapper named SnarkRemark!       

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Hodl it right there!
Hodl it right there!

For a long, long time, everyone on EARTH used $eashells for money. Then someone had a better idea. His name was Satoshi Nakamoto.

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