NAILED all games yesterday - Here are my NHL WINNERS for tonight!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 26 Apr 2021

Montreal Canadiens - Calgary Flames 

The Habs must be in panic mode now. They have seven losses in their last ten games, two in their last matches, both against Calgary. The huge gap is now down to four points, and if they lose this game in regulation time, it's only two. And both of the last two losses, they lost to a team that was clearly better. If they lose again here, I think they will fall apart and miss the playoffs. For the Flames, there's one dark cloud in the sky. Hanifin is out for the rest of the season. They played without him for most of the last game though, and did so in an impressive manner. And the Flames have everything to win and nothing to lose. The fans had already given up on the season. Management too, seeing how they traded away both Bennett and Rittich. Meanwhile, Montreal carry a heavy burden, and have everything to lose. The playoff spot was theirs. Now it's not so certain. This is a great situation for the Flames to be in. Calgary wins! 

Colorado Avalanche - St Louis Blues

The Blues managed to get an impressive win agains the Avs the other day. Now they have three of their top four defensemen out though. The Avs are also ridden with injuries, but this is is different. It's really hard to compensate for such a big bite out of the defense core. St Louis showed last night that they don't give up easy, but I must view them as the underdog here. Colorado wins!

Vancouver Canucks - Ottawa Senators

Third game in a few days between these two. I picked the Canucks to win the first one. The Sens won. I picked Ottawa to win the second one. Vancouver won. These are tricky games, because Vancouver are the better team, but Ottawa have had a good time against them this season. I think the Nucks can build on that last victory though. Vancouver wins!

Carolina Hurricanes - Dallas Stars

So, the Stars have played pretty well lately. At least in most games. But the Hurricanes are absolute beasts right now. The outcome is not a given, but the underdog here is definitely Dallas. Carolina wins!

Florida Panthers - Nashville Predators

The Panthers have the upper hand on the Predators. The latter are playing really well right now though. I think this is a very interesting matchup, that could go either way. I feel I have to go against Nashville here though. Florida wins!

Edmonton Oilers - Winnipeg Jets

The Jets have struggled with the Oilers, and they've not been quite as good as they were earlier in the season. Most of al, the Oilers looked much better in the last couple of games. Edmonton wins!

Anaheim Ducks - Los Angeles Kings

The Kings seem to have shut off by now. They have lost seven games in their last ten. The Ducks are not much better, but they are better. Anaheim wins!

Arizona Coyotes - San Jose Sharks

The Coyotes are fighting for the last playoff spot. The Sharks seem to have given up. It's not an easy win for the Yotes, but they are definitely the team with the better chance. Arizona wins!


In summary, my winners are:

Calgary Flames
Colorado Avalanche
Vancouver Canucks
Carolina Hurricanes
Florida Panthers
Edmonton Oilers
Anaheim Ducks
Arizona Coyotes


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