My NHL WINNERS for tonight!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 1 Apr 2021

Pittsburgh Penguins - Boston Bruins

The Bruins finally scored an even strength goal in their last game. And they've done well against the Pens. But Pittsburgh is a whole different team now, play wise, than last time they played. It's two skilled teams, it could go either way, but one team is clearly hotter. Pittsburgh wins!

New York Rangers - Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres FINALLY won a game. That was against the ice cold Flyers though. Now they are facing the steaming hot Rangers. They also might want to rest Ullmark. I have a clear favourite here. New York Rangers wins!

Washington Capitals - New York Islanders

The Capitals have won all three games against the Islanders. I also feel they are the stronger, and the hotter of the two. I expect an even game. I think both teams have a good chance here. But I think the Caps have the best chances. Washington wins!

Columbus Blue Jackets - Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa have lost three games in a row for the first time in the season, and the last one was to Columbus. The Bolts haven't been playing poor though. I think this bad stretch ends here. Tampa Bay wins!

Detroit Red Wings - Florida Panthers

The Red Wings have been pretty decent lately, but they are definitely the underdog here. Florida wins!

Montreal Canadiens - Ottawa Senators

The Habs looked great in their return after their Covid hiatus. They've struggled against the Senators though. Still, they should be the better team here. Montreal wins!

Carolina Hurricanes - Chicago Blackhawks

The Canes are amazing right now. The Blackhawks have started winning games again, so I won't count them out, but I definitely expect more from the Hurricanes. Carolina wins!

Dallas Stars - Nashville Predators

The Stars are struggling. The Preds are hot. The last game was close, but in the end, Nashville have won their last six games, and their last three against Dallas. I expect a close game, but I think the Predators have the best chances. Nashville wins!

Minnesota Wild - Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas lost last night, against the Kings. They will want to bounce back here. The Wild have been great this season, but they are the underdog here. Vegas wins!

In summary, my winners are:

Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Rangers
Washington Capitals
Tampa Bay Lightning
Florida Panthers
Montreal Canadiens
Carolina Hurricanes
Nashville Predators
Vegas Golden Knights

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