Hopefully 5 NHL games tonight - Here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 23 Apr 2021

Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres

The word on the street is that Luukkonen will start in net for the Sabres. He will be the fifth goalie to play a game for them this season. And he's probably in for a rough start. The Bruins have won all of these meetings so far. I don't see that change tonight. Boston wins!

Philadelphia Flyers - New York Rangers

Philly managed to win a very close game last night. Now they play again tonight. I think the win for the Flyers last night was a one-off. The Rangers are still the better and the hotter team. New York wins!

Nashville Predators - Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks managed to get the win last time they played the other day. New game here though, and I still think that the Preds are the better team. Both need to win, because the playoff race is really close. I won't count out Chicago, but I view them as the underdog. Nashville wins!

Montreal Canadiens - Calgary Flames

First question - Will there even be a game? Calgary cancelled their morning practice due to a positive covid test. It's not cancelled yet as far as I am aware, but with one positive test, we won't know for sure until they drop the puck. But let's focus on what happens if they drop the puck! This is a hard one to pin down. The Flames have a positive record against the Habs. But Montreal won the last game, and after a stretch of games where they struggle to score, they managed to win their last game. As for Calgary, they really, really need to win if they are to stay in the race. They will be playing with full desperation. I think this will be a close game with a playoff like character. I think it's very open who will win in the end, but I think slightly more speak for the Habs than for the Flames. Montreal wins!

Arizona Coyotes - Los Angeles Kings

The Coyotes are grabbing for the last playoff spot. Well, they hold it currently, but only by one point, and the Blues have three games in hand. As for this game, the Kings have not been doing too well lately. A desperate team like the Yotes should have a good chance to grab a couple of points here. Arizona wins!

In summary, my winners are.

Boston Bruins
New York Rangers
Nashville Predators
Montreal Canadiens
Arizona Coyotes

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