Here are my NHL WINNERS for tonight!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 18 May 2021

There are three playoff games tonight!

New York Islanders - Pittsburgh Penguins

The Islanders won the first meeting, but I still persist in that the Penguins are built to beat them. It's a very even matchup, so it could go either way, but I have a favourite. Pittsburgh wins!

Tampa Bay Lightning - Florida Panthers

Tampa won the first game, but Florida looked amazing. Now the Panthers have Sam Bennett suspended for one game though. It's a big blow for them, but I still expect them to go out and play really good hockey. They will need to stay out of the penalty box though. The Bolts had a brutal power play in the first game, that seemed to score at will. But I think the Panthers will be wise enough to learn from that, and play tough but with discipline tonight. Florida wins!

Minnesota Wild - Vegas Golden Knights

The first game between these two was a good one, with great goaltending. I expect something similar here, and I think that suits Vegas, even though they lost the first one. The Wild has a good chance here for sure, but I hold them to be the underdogs. Vegas wins!

There's also a regular season game first!

Calgary Flames - Vancouver Canucks

These meetings feel kinda "meh" not now that the playoffs have started. Anyway, the Flames are less tired, so they have a better chance. Calgary wins!

In summary, my winners are:

Pittsburgh Penguins
Tampa Bay Lightning
Vegas Golden Knights
Calgary Flames

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