Deadline day, but still 8 NHL games - Here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 12 Apr 2021

Normally, there's just one, if any game on deadline day. The last day to aquire new players if they are to be allowed to partake in the playoffs. But now, we have a whopping eight games to look forward to! He'res my thoughts on who will win them! 

Detroit Red Wings - Carolina Hurricanes

I won't count Detroit out, because they work hard in every game, and they don't go down easy. But the Canes are a much better team, and should normally win. Carolina wins!

Chicago Blackhawks - Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus have struggled lately, and now they have traded away some of their key players for draft picks. Wise moves for the future, but not promising for this game. The Blackhawks also have a very strong record against the Jackets. They have struggled a bit lately though, winning some, losing some, but I still have to go with them here. Chicago wins!

Toronto Maple Leafs - Montreal Canadiens

The Leafs are stacking up their team for a playoff run. They've made some really good additions. That won't play into this game, but it might give the guys on the ice a boost. Either way, the Leafs are the best team in the division, and they've won four out of five against the Habs this season. Toronto wins!

Winnipeg Jets - Ottawa Senators

The Sens are another team that has started selling off assets. Maybe not as significant players moved as Columbus, but still, their team is weakened. And they were weak to begin with. The Jets have shown they can win also without their captain, and that against much better opponents. I won't count Ottawa out completely, as they have shown they can give any team a match, but it's crystal clear who should get the two points here. Winnipeg wins!

St Louis Blues - Minnesota Wild

The Blues have won two in a row against the Wild. It was really close in that last one though, which actually went to overtime. I think this will be another close battle, but I think the Wild will lust for revenge. Is that fire a stronger motivation than the Blues urge to make the playoff? Hard to say. I think it will be another close battle, and I feel it could go either way. But the Wild was really close last time, and maybe it's time they make it this time? Minnesota wins!

Arizona Coyotes - Colorado Avalanche

The Avs are amazing right now. I wouldn't bet against them in any matchup I think. Colorado wins!

Vegas Golden Knights - Los Angeles Kings

Vegas have gotten things going now. The Kings have traded away Carter, which means less experience in the lineup. He's also been quite good this season. While the Kings have shown they can beat the Golden Knights, they probably won't this time. Vegas wins!

Anaheim Ducks - San Jose Sharks

The Sharks have to win this one if they want to stay involved in the run for the last playoff spot. They are the better team, and I think they have the better chance here. San Jose wins!


In summary, my winners are:

Carolina Hurricanes
Chicago Blackhawks
Toronto Maple Leafs
Winnipeg Jets
Minnesota Wild
Colorado Avalanche
Vegas Golden Knights
San Jose Sharks


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