9 NHL games tonight - Here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 10 May 2021

New Jersey Devils - Philadelphia Flyers 

So, what to think of this? The Flyers just gave the Caps a serious run for it. But before that, the Devils were the better team over a series of four games between these two. But playing at home, in the last game of the season, I think the Flyers will want to end this in a nice way. And they have more quality, if they can just get it out. Philadelphia wins! 

Edmonton Oilers - Montreal Canadiens 

The Oilers have only one thing in mind now. Going into the playoffs with their pace maintained. And the Canadiens have only one thing on their minds. Going to the playoffs! They need one point to clinch it! But can they do it? They've not performed that well lately, and with the Flames win last night, they should really be feeling the pressure now. And with all their injuries, they will struggle to produce the offense they will need. I expect that Smith will start this game in net for the Oilers, and Koskinen in the next one. That's the big chance for Montreal. But this one... Edmonton wins! 

New York Islanders - Boston Bruins

The Islanders have owned the Bruins this season. But it has mostly been against the bad Bruins. Boston are a whole different team right now. Meanwhile, the Islanders don't look great at the moment. Boston wins!

Tampa Bay Lightning - Florida Panthers

So, what to think about this? The Panthers destroyed the Bolts the other night. But I don't think that Tampa wants to go into the playoffs like that. And if they win, they will have the advantage of home ice in game 7, if it comes to that when these two face off again when the playoffs begin. On the other hand, the Panthers are not a team you just go out and beat. I feel this one is really up in the air, but I'll let the revenge factor decide. Tampa Bay wins!

Vancouver Canucks - Winnipeg Jets

Winning this game would secure third place in the division for the Jets. But I think they care more about winning for the sake of it. They really need to find themselves again after a horrible spell, where they have been losing far too much. The Canucks should be beatable though, as they have been just as bad, and they are really worn down. Winnipeg wins!

Carolina Hurricanes - Nashville Predators

The Predators impressively won this meeting the other night, thus clinching their playoff spot. Will they be playing with the same conviction now that they are in a safe spot, though? I bet they will want to end the regular season with a win, especially against the team they will face in the first round of the playoffs. But will the same fire be there? Or will they feel too relieved? The Canes sure won't feel relieved. They will want to bounce back. They don't want to go into the playoffs with two straight losses agains their first round opponents. And they rarely lose two in a row. Carolina wins!

Dallas Stars - Chicago Blackhawks

The only back-to-back meeting tonight. The Blackhawks won last night, and I think they have a good chance to repeat. The Stars are resting Hintz and Seguin. They have a poor record against the Hawks, and they struggle with away games. The thing that speaks for the Stars is that Delia will start in net for the Blackhawks, but that doesn't swing the scale for me. Chicago wins!

St Louis Blues - Los Angeles Kings

The Kings have owned the Blues this season. It's mostly been against the struggling Blues though. St Louis are way better right now. Meanwhile, the Kings are very much up and down right now, and across a full game, I think they couldn't come out on top. St Louis wins!

Colorado Avalanche - Vegas Golden Knights

Is this a big matchup or something?! Two of the giants of this season. Vegas can clinch not just the division title with a win, but also the President's trophy. As for the game, I don't know what to expect. It could go either way. I think both teams are great right now, and I think both will want to get some edge over the other for the playoffs, where they are likely to meet again in the second round. Don't take that for granted though, as the Wild and the Blues look really good right now too. Either way, I expect an awesome game with some serious firepower, but since Vegas has such a good record with comebacks and in overtime, and since I think this will probably be a close battle, I see some advantage for them there. Vegas wins!

In summary, my winners are:

Philadelphia Flyers
Edmonton Oilers
Boston Bruins
Tampa Bay Lightning
Winnipeg Jets
Carolina Hurricanes
Chicago Blackhawks
St Louis Blues
Vegas Golden Knights


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