8 NHL games again - Here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 20 Apr 2021


Boston Bruins - Buffalo Sabres 

The Sabres are a decent team ever since they fired Krueger as a coach and replaced him with Don Granato. I wouldn't count them out here. But the Bruins have played quite well lately, and they have a stronger lineup. Marchand has been amazing lately. So I don't say this with certainty, but I have a top dog here. Boston wins! 

New Jersey Devils - Pittsburgh Penguins 

Similar situation here, though the Devils are maybe a bit colder than the Sabres, and the Penguins hotter than the Bruins. So, Pittsburgh wins! 

New York Rangers - New York Islanders 

Time for a derby! These games have been going both ways. The Rangers are trending in a really strong way though, while the Islanders are a bit up and down right now. So while I think this one is very up in the open, I know what team I will go with. New York Rangers wins! 

Carolina Hurricanes - Tampa Bay Lightning 

The Bolts proved me wrong last night. They played really well. With their recent inconsistency though, I still believe more in the Canes here. It's two great teams, so it could go either way, but for me, Tampa are the underdogs here. Carolina wins! 

Columbus Blue Jackets - Florida Panthers 

The Blue Jackets might be the worst team in the NHL right now. For Florida though, Spencer Knight is supposed to make his NHL debut in net. I think it's a smart choice of game for doing so. Wise management by the Panthers! While I think he's a downgrade compared to Bobrovsky, I still think he doesn't offset the vast differance in quality between these two teams. Florida wins! 

Detroit Red Wings - Dallas Stars 

It was a close call last night, where Dallas got two points in the end, while Detroit got one. I expect something similar here. A close game, but one where the Stars have the best chance. Dallas wins! 

Toronto Maple Leafs - Vancouver Canucks 

Holtby performed miracles last night, and stole the game. Vancouver fought hard, but they were really worn down during the game. The effects of Covid were evident. I don't think they can manage to do even decently in a back-to-back game. Especially now that Edler is suspended. There's a risk that this game could turn silly. Even if not, I don't expect the Nucks to be even close. Toronto wins! 

Anaheim Ducks - Los Angeles Kings 

So, what to think of this? These are two teams that are out of the race. I think the Ducks have looked better lately, so I'll give them the edge, but this could go either way. But I got to pick one, and then it is - Anaheim wins! 

In summary, my winners are: 

Boston Bruins 
Pittsburgh Penguins 
New York Rangers 
Carolina Hurricanes 
Florida Panthers 
Dallas Stars 
Toronto Maple Leafs 
Anaheim Ducks 


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