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Man is multi-dimensional, so also is the planet world in which he lives. In fact, a recent study showed us that the world is 3-Dimensional in nature, but do you know that the internet as we have it today does not allow us to extend our vision into 3-Dimensional(3D) talkless of 4-Dimensional (4D) but limited us to 2 Dimensional (2D)

You will bear witness with me that there is a yearning within every internet users to break this limitation and have an internet that is both locations sensitive and well connected to 3D or 4- dimensional world.

The introduction of Extended Reality which was formed solely for the purpose of having a richer engaging reality compare to what is obtainable from its predecessors called Virtual or Augmented Realities was not without its own problems, one of the major problems of the invention is the fact it is not yet generally accepted or adopted or incorporated into our everyday use, and those who seem to be using it are under-utilizing it by not engaging the full value inherent in the Extended Reality (XR).

Because of the limitation of the internet to 2Dimentions, we realized that social and business interactions are very well limited especially by the Geospatial spread. Hence, there is so much problem finding and organizing content.


XR Web Network in their bid to ensure that everyone enjoys an affordable and immersive experience using/navigating XR (AR/VR) space, has just launched a new and unique way for users to experience the world of a new reality through the instrument of an Extended Reality Web Network. This is an unprecedented invention in the layer of internet reality development. One of the major ways they are building this is by building tools and infrastructure that will serve as the core of the platform. The XR Web is developed using the blockchain and powered by a virtual currency called XR Token, The token (XR Token)has the ability to be used to trade on the marketplace as well as in registering real estate . is content and applications can now be projected, displayed and transacted on XR Web as it is a three-dimensional internet space.

It operates a decentralized network protocol that converts human’s physical space into space where programming activities can take place such that it will be able to interact with the decentralized protocol & suite of XR apps thereby allows third parties the ability to develop applications for individuals, businesses and organization on the XR Web Platform.


Step 1: Get XR Token
You can either Buy XR Tokens at or IEO after which you are to proceed to XR Web geolocations at in order to stake your tokens.

Step 2: Access XR apps
Enjoy location aware spatial XR apps. It will interest to know that XR apps work perfectly both on any smartphones and upcoming smart glasses

Step 3: Receive a passive income
There is a reward for all XR Stakers receive according to their level of activities on the XR Web.
For instance, Stakers with 1-5000 XR can receive reward share within the radius of 25 miles of Activity. While those with 5000 XR and above, can receive rewards from anywhere on XR network.

Step 4: Trade, Bid, Exchange
At this level, you can bid,trade, or exchange your XR Tokens on several exchanges as post IEOs and XR Staked will be available for auction .
(The link below takes you to the web app where you can Lease, Bid, Sell, & Manage your XR XR WebApp (

Register  at To The Presale Now And Enjoy unprecedented Liquidity


-Growing market: Worldwide AR industry is expected to experience growth of about 700 percent,

-Transparency and reliability

- Decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystem as we bring together numerous number of developers and apps thereby building the first of its kind global Web 3.0 ecosystem on Blockchain.

- Technology
Combining patent pending AI technology with XR technology enables us to build the first platform for the future of personal computing
-Legal & Complaince: strive to adhere to all applicable regulations and legal guidelines as All Purchasers are required to pass through the “KYC”, anti-terrorism and “AML” procedures in order to comply with regulations.



• Name: XR Token
• Ticker: XR
• Acceptable Purchase methods: All Leading Crypto and Fiat
• Hard cap :$25 Million
• Price: 1 XR Token = $0.15
• Total Supply: 1.3 Billion XR Tokens
• For Sale: 455 Million XR Tokens
• Bonus system: Yes
• Presale of Private Sale: Ongoing
• Min Personal Cap: 1 ETH
• Max : Personal Cap: Unlimited
• Whitelist: True
Click on this link to Buy Tokens







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