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New - Fastest Growing Online Casino Review (With Pictures)

By psy37 | HN3T | 9 Mar 2020


New Online Casino Review



I spend at least a few hours every day looking for quality websites that I can use to make money, and sometimes those sites are casino's or betting venues.  The trick with these is usually to CASH OUT when you win, don't gamble too much, and jump around - never stay in one place too long or you will just be feeding the pot and hoping to get paid back someday which usually leads to going broke.

Having said that, I wanted to share with you a new high quality online casino I found recently.

Are you ready for your tour? I hope so!

Welcome to RooBet the new and fastest growing online casino which features all the same games as most of the other online casino's but with a nice clean site design and visuals, it's easy to navigate and it has well made versions of the typical house games as well as the best selection of arcade slots which are all located in the Slots section.   

Having it all in place is what makes this one of the best online casinos I have seen so far.

This casino accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum only. (so far at least)

Unfortunately I haven't seen much in the way of free plays or bonuses, but if you open the cashiers panel you will notice that they at least have a FREE PLAY tab that opens a selection of reward offers and surveys you can complete to get credits on your account, and a lot of them aren't bad deals and surveys are easy to complete for at least a buck or 2.

The Slots




These are some of the arcade slots available but there's a bunch more, it's a huge list. They seem to run nicely, no blips and goofiness about them, they play about as well as the games in a real casino but probably pay out better... My personal favorite is Fire / Lightning which is also available to play in the U.S. (some games are not but quite a few are)

Also, there is a FUN mode and a REAL mode so you can play with or without money, you just can't win money in FUN mode.



The House Games

Multi-Hand Blackjack and Regular Blackjack


Multi-Hand Blackjack is actually more of an arcade style game with premium graphics which the other house games are not.

It is however a table game, not a slot. So it's the in-betweener and also includes a FUN mode which the other house games also do not.



Basic roulette with 3 options to bet on, not as good as Lucky Fish's FULL roulette table, but not bad. Good if you just want to play simple roulette.


The best version of the game Crash (sometimes called Moon) besides the one at B.C. Game which is my overall favorite. At least this one doesn't lag out and screw up your judgement the way most others I've played do, like the one at Lucky Fish is horrible unless you're into just making your bet and guessing beforehand where it's going to crash out at by setting the automatic cashout to whatever your best guess is and hoping for the best, and personally I prefer to play it by instinct so when i hit the button I don't want the game to be 30 seconds or longer ahead of what I see on my screen.




In case you're not familiar, crash is a game where first, you place your bet before the multiplier starts moving upward and then you try to hit cash out at the highest multiplier amount you can before it goes CRASH! and you lose all your bet... sometimes the multiplier goes up to 1000x and possibly more, but it may also only get to 1x which basically eats your bet immediately, so bet wisely and win big!

Mines - Dice - Towers

The last 3 games are mines, dice, and towers.

mines is sort of similar to the old windows game "minesweeper" except you place bets on it and hope you don't blow up your allowance. The more squares you click on without hitting a mine makes a bigger multiplier for your bet, and you can cashout whenever you're satisfied with your win or decide enough is enough.



Dice is just your basic dice game which you can find pretty much anywhere gambling is present


Manual above Auto below



Towers is just like BitKong or Lucky Cat (on Lucky Fish)

work your way up the latter to get a higher multiplier but lose your bet if you hit the wrong choice before you cash out.



Good Luck & Thanks for Reading!


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