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Cloud Mining (For Free!)

By psy37 | HN3T | 3 Mar 2020


If you choose to invest money in any of these then please use your best judgement. I do my best to only promote quality functional sites, but these really need to be checked out by everyone and it won't be until then that anybody will ever be able to tell anyone which investments are the safest bet so just use good investment practices, communicate with others and don't invest too much in a long shot unless you're feeling lucky. 

I'll share any progress that I make and you're welcome to post comments right here (at the bottom of the page).

So save this BLOG. 


I need to mention one thing that I'm finding to be a misconception in the mining world, and it has to do with ROI.   In a lot of cases, when you sign up for a cloud mining service, you need to understand that getting to your ROI is not necessarily a part of the the service contract. Your ROI cannot be guaranteed, unless the plan is set up in some way which can truly guarantee it and that would not be strictly through mining.

When you join a cloud mining service you are simply lending funds to the company for the money they need now, in the present, as well as added stability for their operation, and this is beneficial to them only as long as you provide that by keeping your ROI above your returns, this can be done by reinvesting a portion of the coins produced that are your share, or raising the bar by adding additional investment.  Sometimes just getting too close to the ROI is what can cause your contract to be terminated and there are other things that may be considered abuse of service, such as any time you have NO Plans whatsoever of investing, which will often lead to getting no payout.

Free mining power is basically the credit they extend you so you can mine beyond the power of your investment, otherwise it would simply be swapping, or trading rather than mining.  You are of course welcome to start a free mining contract and use it, reinvest with it, and build it up, but you will likely, in most cases (though not all because it depends on whatever each business needs and decides to allow) need to invest enough to keep a cushion between your withdrawals and your ROI. This is not free money, but it is a way to accumulate currencies at mining rate rather than market cost, so the value of the currency that you are mining rising and falling is where your profits and losses come in relation to the overall amount you replenish your contract with.  The terms can be tricky and may seem misleading at times, but what you want is a steady flow of coin being produced into your wallet which you can use in other ways to reach your initial ROI, like by holding a coin until the value goes way up and trading it then investing in other things... it's all profit after you reach ROI in this manner and what you continue to pay into your cloud miner becomes a basic rental cost which you are profiting from.  it's the cash flow machine and the ultimate faucet if you do it smart and pick the right people to do business with.  Even a good gambler could possibly do it, but investors (who may or may not like to gamble) get richer because they stay rich and keep money working for them.



If I have a site marked as [PAYING] it is to indicate that payment has been verified, but just because a site is NOT marked doesn't mean it won't pay, it just means I have not yet verified any payment YET. It also does not guarantee ROI or FREE PROFITS.






  • IndigoCoin - [PAYING] FREE 500Gh/s on signup & get a bonus from 1 Gh/s to 25 Gh/s every hour (Mines Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin & Monero)
  • Dual Mine - [PAYING] One of the most reputable mining services due to its uptime. Get 100GHZ free when you sign up.
  • CryptoPlace - 2500 Gh/s Free - XMR/BCH/LTC/BTC/DOGE/TRX
  • Mining-up - 50 Gh/s Free. 24/7 Live Video Feed. DOGE/ETH/LTC/BTC - SHA-256/Ethash/Scrypt
  • CoinUp - 100 Gh/s Free - 7 coin multi-miner +USD & Gh/s mining
  • Mellada - 10 Gh/s Free - BTC/BCH|ETH/ETC|DOGE/LTC
  • Mining Center LTD - Multi-miner
  • HashMax - Only mines bitcoin - has a fast free auto miner but minimum cash out is 0.015 btc
  • Virtual Mining Farm - Bitcoin Mining + Staking / 100GHs free on signup




(a.k.a. - No Free Mining)

I included these because they have affiliate programs which would allow you to earn for no investment as long as you can find referrals. They seem like they are mostly legit.


Use at your own risk, don't be stupid.


Thanks For Reading!


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