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Advertising with SLT

By psy37 | HN3T | 7 Mar 2020



SLTAds Quick Start Guide




When I need a cheap way to advertise things online, I use SLTAds (<-- Register here first) because its got an easy to use, convenient setup for earning ad credits if you can't afford to buy any SLT (which is an ad token that can be exchanged like any other currency).

The sites design is simple enough, but for some reason is still hard for new users to navigate, I know I was slightly confused by it up until just recently, but had stumbled onto it's usefulness before giving up on it, so I figured I would share what I know about t.

First thing you have to do is REGISTER HERE if you haven't already then come back to this page.

(The links in this post will all open in a new window for your convenience)

Let me show you around a bit ;-)




Get some SLT then get some traffic


To start out you only get a certain amount of SLT for free, so spend it wisely ;-)

To Earn more SLT you can click on the EARN link in the side panel to open a list of options, The traffic exchange is my favorite because there is an auto surf feature which automatically rotates through advertisements and this is especially beneficial if you have a second monitor hooked up because you can run ads on one screen while you work in the other, but you have to have the ad page in focus (it has to be clicked on) so that the timer will run, but you can still use your mouse wheel to scroll and stuff or click back and forth real quick, it just takes a little getting used to but works great.

You also have to do the human check verification thing after each ad runs to move on to the next, but it's MUCH easier than regular captchas and it all flows very nicely.


These Links will also open 3 different sets of autosurf ads:


Each ad you watch will earn you SLT for your "Traffic" balance.





Traffic:SLT11.9742  <--- Your Traffic Balance



There are other ways to earn too like PTC (pay to click), offer walls, CPA/GPT (Cost per action) offers and even some for watching videos and other stuff like following on twitter are all under the "Earn" menu.

The CHEAPEST way to advertise


The cheapest way to run an ad (or at least the option with the lowest minimum requirement you have to pay at once) is through the CPA/GPT Offers in the "Advertise" section and can be funded with your traffic balance.

These types of ads are most effective for getting referrals, but can be used to advertise basically anything.

You just have to set up your ads by thinking of an action you want or need visitors to perform which will both benefit your cause and that can be verified because you will have to come back and approve each submission so it's basically up to you whether or not you get your money's worth out this one. 

Don't bid too high and don't bid too low!

The ad setup page looks like this:







[Click here to open up the CPA/GPT Offers Management console.]


After you start running your ad you will just have to check the submissions tab every once in awhile to confirm any requests for payment that have been made by members who have completed your offer. If you don't do this your ad will stop running until you do.

SLT Power System

That should be enough to get you started, but you may also want to check out the SLT Power System if you're interested in taking part in the sites revenue share.

You have to buy SLT Power first, then you can go to the SURF page and click on any option to start surfing and generating revenue from your SLT Power.  viewing at least 10 ads a day through this system entitles you to a portion of the sites revenue.

In conclusion...

Other than that, go ahead an explore the rest of the site at your leisure, you can run banner ads, cost per click campaigns, videos and other types of advertising if you have enough SLT or you can earn from others advertisements in all the same ways you can advertise.  It works well and is worth knowing how to use. Plus the advertisements shown are sometimes useful as well and I have found a lot of great sites just by viewing the ads while earning at the same time.



Additional Pricing Plans



Thank you for reading!

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