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By cryptage9 | hive | 20 May 2020


Hello publish0x community On May 13, 2020 I did a little article called (Trade ideas for the future).  To give you ideas of trade for the days to come, one of the trades has clearly reached the target of 3 R. I have made this update to warn you of the importance of technical analysis.









Why ?: I see a lot of people investing in cryptocurrencies, without having any knowledge of technical analysis, after having had several conflicts on Twitter (example of conflicts with people from the XRP community), they have been promoting this for years token and I when I looked at the graph, I always saw it in a downtrend so I was attacked by communicating this fact, when my goal was simply to warn people that there was no signal at the moment. Currently, there are a lot of opportunities on the market, but the hardest part is having the right timing, something that even for me is complicated.







I see other little nuggets, which have beautiful configurations, like Band, Some time ago, I published an analysis on Twitter which worked well, the current config still seems good to me. Even if today it was 10%, I don't know if it's the right time to come back, you have to watch her.








It's been over a month that I publish articles on publish0x, but I will admit that it is very complicated, because I barely earn a few cents per article, which is not very motivating. So if you can tips a max, which will encourage me to publish other content as well as analyzes. Do not hesitate to put my thumbs up and subscribe. Currently I am monitoring another nugget and I am waiting for the appropriate signal to tell you about it. This crypto has performed well for qq months, good project, it is in price discovery, I see no one putting it forward. I recognize that for translation I use Google translation, which can sometimes make nonsense. What is essential is the message and the ideas given.









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