The most used wallets of polkadot

The most used wallets of polkadot

By cryptage9 | hive | 21 Sep 2020


The first is that of Parity Signer which does not offer a lot of options but which is very classy, with a black design. It allows you to store your cryptos and choose which networks you want to use.
I would have liked to give you a screenshot, to show you what it looks like, but the wallet does not allow it.




I put the site link for you:


parity signer wallet



The second one I'm going to tell you about is "Polkawallet". This one is much more complete, it is a mobile application like the previous one, it allows you to choose the networks (Dot, Kusama or others), delegate your votes for a validator, therefore to staker .inter also act with the governance (Democracy), you have access to your profile.




I put the site link for you:





This third one is essential for you because it allows you to interact with Polkadot applications, a bit like Metamask, the design is not very pretty, it is quite simple. The application allows you to put a recovery sentence if you have opened on one of the other wallets, but oddly, we do not see the balance we have, we just have access to the addresses and the choice of networks


I put the site link for you:

mozilla firefox extension


mozilla firefox polkadot extension


google chrome extension


google chrome extension Dot





So much for the wallets, to interact with the validation systems, I put other useful links, I used


Later I can give you a tutorial on how to delegate your cryptos.




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