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By cryptage9 | hive | 25 Aug 2020

To be honest, I discovered it yesterday, when I saw the presentation of this application, I said to myself "whaou" ... Finally an application that allows you to do almost everything.


The first page looks like the screenshot below where you create or import a wallet.



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Once you have created or imported your wallet, you have the possibility to interact with almost all the DEFI applications such as for example: Aave, Akropolis, 1inch.ex, Balancer, Curve, Maker, Compound, Yamfinance ... And many more, all the best DEFI apps.
When I saw all this, I was very satisfied because it is very nice to be able to interact with all these applications from one place. It is much easier.


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At the bottom of the application you have the menu with several tabs such as: Asset, Discovery, Market, Transaction, Me.


Asset: This is the tab to create the wallet.
Discovery: It is the one to interact with all the applications.
Market: It is to have visibility on the market.
Transaction: It is an exchange for placing orders and exchanging.
Me: This is where there is your information such as selecting an Eos node or others.

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According to their Twitter account, they are located in Singapore.
The app is really cool.
They were very quick to develop this tool because when you go over it all the recently released applications are there.
I will also put another presentation of their Twitter account on video for a more precise overview.

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