How to create an NFT with Rarible

How to create an NFT with Rarible

By cryptage9 | hive | 28 Sep 2020

This article aims to show you how to create NFTs in a fairly simple way. But beware your work must be of good quality if you want to have an impact and be successful in selling them.
I attach the link of the platform in blue below.




First of all you need to log in with your Metamask wallet.
1 / You click on "Create collectible"
2 / You click on "Multiple" to create multiple NFTs



Click on "continue"




1 / Click on "insert image, GIF or Meme"
2 / Click on "Rarible"




1 / You have your image that is downloaded
2 / You have 2 collection choices (for this example, I'm taking the Rari collection).
3 / You name your image.
4 / You make a description of your image.




1 / This is the number of copies created
2 / This is the amount of royalties that you will have each time your NFT is sold
3 / The price you want to obtain for the sale of this NFT in Eth
4 / You create it


Then you must pay the Gas fees for the creation of this NFT, you will have two transactions to validate.



You must sign for the sale and the creation.




1 / You have the market place where all the works are sold.
2 / It's your own collection





1 / It's access to your collection
2 / It's a search engine where you can search by theme or by name of creator, for example me it's "Cryptage9".
3 / This is the location of your creation
4 / The example of the work created with this tutorial




Then what is indicated with the red arrow is the number of people who follow you and the people you follow.



You have several options, I invite you to go and discover it all for yourself.
If you want to support me by investing in one of my creations, I will be delighted.
Thanks for reading this article, see you soon.

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