Claim airdrop 600$

Claim airdrop 600$

By cryptage9 | hive | 24 Jan 2021


Hello, today this is not going to be an article but a news that can be very interesting for you, it can make you have some tokens, I myself almost missed it.


If you are using the DEFI, you may be lucky to be eligible for this airdrop.


As far as I am concerned, I was able to collect $ 600 which I did not keep in the form of their token, I preferred to exchange for Eth because I had spent a lot of it lately.





To get your airdrop, you have to go to this link:

If you are eligible it should be displayed in the red rectangle as in the image below.




Then you just have to claim. I advise you to put enough Gas so that the transaction is carried out quickly without a hitch.



I put you an article in French with other projects that have the possibility of doing airdrops. Sometimes you have to interact with the protocol in question to be eligible.


Here, I hope you will be eligible, tell me in the comments. Good luck.

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