Artists & Works of Art on the theme of cryptocurrency

Artists & Works of Art on the theme of cryptocurrency

By cryptage9 | hive | 16 May 2020

                  Artists & Works of Art on the theme of cryptocurrency


Hello today I wanted to tell you about three accounts that I discovered on twitter, which make art related to cryptocurrencies.




the first account is an Italian artist who makes very nice canvas or metal objects, he has a great variety in these proposals, t-shirt, posters, stickers, keychain and canvas .. the best is to go see his work on the link below:

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twitter account :



Website :






The second account is an American artist who works with wood, he realizes scultures of round shape by including the crypto symbols, his work is really of quality, he has a nice concept really accomplished, here are the photos of his achievements as well as these details :








Twitter account :





Website :  




The third, is a collective called "Project33", they work glassware and therefore make glass tokens. I knew them apart from the Ravencoin crypto, they created a token for them. Their work is magnificent, full of colors, fluorescent sometimes (go look), a remarkable precision in their achievements. I invite you to see their performances on the link below


853b0e5a4bc28506c7d8a778dc9ce716b18381f593318955606bb1bffdfcc04b.png 16a477cd1b51869707daf8529bea18ad0f8e2f20c393286f743171c065d46a29.png




Twitter account :



Website :




I hope you liked this article, for the pleasure of sharing and to make you discover that through Art, Crypto is not only virtual, also has its place. Without forgetting that there are also human beings behind who realize all this eco system. See you soon






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