ThunderCore; what is it, and should you even care?

ThunderCore; what is it, and should you even care?

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 16 Feb 2021

Yep, you heard it... “Thundercore” bad ass name right?... sounds like something Thor does to work his ab muscles right?

Well, in this case it is slightly less epic, but still kind of epic. This article will cover briefly what brought me to “Thundercore” as well as briefly describing what it is, which in my opinion after using it for a while, pretty awesome.

So one day, after trolling through some dApps looking for new gambling sites to degen at for dividends yielding potentially passive income I came across Thundercore! Like something truely mythical and out of no where, it started popping up as a major blockchain of choice to do specially small stakes gambling to earn small stakes rewards, BUT, upon using the app/“miner” for about a month now, I have nothing but good things to say. I was pleased to find it was not just another ****coin at least in the sense of it having no purpose or value, or utility, in fact it has all those things in my mind.

the coin‘ verification protocol operates on a brand new type of proof of stake consensus, and the best part is bridged to the ETH network, or at least is in the makings of being so for the most popular ERC20 tokens.

several tokens, such as Tether, USDC, wETH, and WBTC are already inter changeable between the Thundercore or “TT” blockchain, and ETH’s which is pretty exciting.

further more; the dev’s behind the network seems to be pretty active and would encourage education and partnerships with people about the protocol, at least from what I’ve noticed in their telegram and on their github.

besides being a great option for degens, cross chain bridging, and proof of stake (offering both staking rewards in the native currency “TT” but also the USDT version on the chain “TT-USDT” meaning the staking alone (which happens every minute) can be quite lucrative IF YOU CHOSE TO INVEST.

That being said, you DONT HAVE TO INVEST. The wallet itself acts as a node and you start earning rewards instantly by holding any sort of balance in either “TT” or “TT-USDT” they have easy daily tasks you can do, to earn you more Thunder tokens and have a one time join bonus as well as a one time faucet.

the main reason I even wanted to talk about the TT app/protocol is because of its “dex” capabilities. Beyond being awesome for cheap degen’ing. It is also a AWESOME way to get a education (for those that might be uneducated) about how dex stuff works.

From liquidity mining/farming done cheap to earning says in governance, this unexpected protocol seems to have it all.



it is new, I think it’s only been around for a few months after my reading, and while it appears smart contract wise to be on the up and up, you never know, and should FOR SURE as always DYOR.

all I know, is for now, it’s fun, it’s free, and it seems to be a legitimate project. I feel it is important to note some price points, as I said I’ve been investigating “TT” or “Thundercore” for about a month, tops month and a half and I saw a entry price at around .002-.003USDT, and as this alt coin season is exploding it also has seen (and luckily brought me) a decent increase in price, all the way up to as high as .0081 in the last few days, which IMO, is decent for something requiring no investment and is simply just a good way to explore both defi and degen’ing in a relatively risk free environment*


I know this is a BOLD statement, as defi seems to be completely populated and almost entirely saturated with meme tokens, but this in some ways very much feels like the doge of defi, the underdog no one expects to do anything and will...

again, I don’t know, I’m not a sage. And like I said, you should, AS ALWAYS, DYOR!!!

ill help below by linking various resources if you are interested in exploring all this a little deeper, if not, well I appreciate you stopping by anyway, and however you can to read this, I hope you leave this article with a bounty of luck in your crypto-vests!


...Links and stuff...

- Thundercore’s website, CONTAINS “WHITEPAPER”

- Their github

- my ref code if you found this helpful and try this out!!!




consider joining me at this awesome casino too to degen you hard earned crypto if you want! Or just claim from their faucet! They have a decent one with a low fee direct to wallet withdraw option.


*All investing is risk, PLEASE DoYourOwnReseaech!


to make this a fun Easter egg for actual readers, if you USE TT at all, my ref or not, if you post your address in comment you MIGHT get a small small send ;P

enjoi all!

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