Hawt off the presses, get ur AMPL memes!

Hawt off the presses, get ur AMPL memes!

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 26 Nov 2020

Let me preface this gallery of memes by saying I’m sure not all of them will be liked, I am doing this as a ironic entry to the AMPL meme contest that is currently running on this platform cause hey, they never said the meme’s had to put a positive note on what AMPL is...

so, without further a-dew here are some memes...







And last but not least...


I hope this post was able to provide some quality lulz to you, the reader, if it didn’t because either you don’t like meme’s or maybe love AMPL WAY too much than I guess I’m sorry that for you the article couldn’t achieve its desired objective.

Till next time, I love ya 0x fam, stay chill and hodl strong!


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