A(n) opinion of other Publish0x authors.

By Hippos4ever | HipposR4ever | 29 Jul 2020

When reviewing some of the posts that I have looked through and commented on lately I came across something I’m sure many other commenters have had happen to them...

”this post was deleted by the content author”

... fine, to that I have to say, just fine.

Anyone that has ever removed a comment from their post(s) do try to NOT take this next part with too much offense, but your kind of a little bitch.
Now, if someone is being insulting, or overly using curse words for no reason targeting you or other readers specifically, yes action should be taken.
However this is a community based in a majority of people I believe that personally believe censorship, and the people that censor are, well, bitches. If you have comments open on your articles you should...


be ready and willing to have a debate, discussion, or if you don’t want to get involved maybe just some good fun reading, bottom line if someone isn’t personally attacking you or other readers removing their comments is sort of like a slap in the face to whoever took the time to make the comment in the first place.

so, to all those authors out there who have just removed comments because they don’t like what was said, I suggest you grow a fucking pair and toughen your skin because it’s the fucking internet we’re on, and if you aren’t ready to have some tough conversations, or defend your point or your beliefs you should really just disable commenting within your article upon creation options.

Don’t be part of the problem and censor people’s world views, that’s not how progress happens.


Btw; all comments are welcome here and need not fear removal because I disagree with you, or you insult me... :)

And thanks for taking the time to read my opinion.

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