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Life is a journey, Not a distination.

By Anees Khan | Nouman Anees | 24 Apr 2021

Life is a journey, Not a distination.

Life can't be explained by the only one or two words. It's the combination of everything. It's the mixture of happiness, sadness and failure ,comfort and pain encorougment & frustrtion, Love & hatred, relief & sorrow, struggle and giving isn't completely perfect in their own circumstances, but it's very beautiful to be enjoy it.

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Life is a game:

Life is the only game that have No rules and the only rule is there is no mistake only lessons to have learn from it. You won't always be Winner, unless it's not a game. You must struggle to survive but don't be greedy to succeed at the expense of others.

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Life isn't all about lying down on a bed of roses. There are some certain points in our life that we will be wounded by the thorns of life. We will feel the pain of loss, Loneliness, failure, discourage and rejection by others but one thing is clear that there are some time to be successful and to be accepted. Hard work become fruits for incoming life.

Life offers opportunities all the time if you grab it from front side or you pass it from you. So when you grab that opportunity in your life then the upcoming life will be good and better.


Life is all about Love:

Life is all about caring, love and respect. Here I would like to Qoete my favourite Qoetation.

Love for all, Hatred for none.

So,life is all about love, care and respect but sometimes there is less love in the heart of everyone, so there must be some space for Hatred. We must keep in mind that never too much love and never too much hated someone. We must keep it in balance. Life is all about ballencing the things.

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Life is the beautiful struggle.

Life is the name of continuously struggling for something to achieve. You must keep the journey going on and there is No guarantee for achieving something. Sometimes struggle are exactly what you need in our life. Giving up for the things that we struggled for doesn't always means we are weak. It simply means that we wanna take another opportunity and we will try again and again until we are succeed.

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life is full of compromises. A life without any compromise is no life at all but just a rigid, colourless existence without love, warmth or happiness. It is not possible to tailor everything and everyone according to your liking or need.

Life is all about the excursions with so many options. A world to discover, dreams to chase, goals to reach, wish to become it true and different people to meet.

Life is about the excursion, not simply the destination.Life is in reality about the journey. As we won't truly understand the things that until we've taken the journey. 

Goodluck to you🤙 and face every challenge in your life and prove to the world that you can do everything. God bless you a happy and healthy life..Amin

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Anees Khan
Anees Khan

Hay, this Anees Khan from Pakistan a true humanitarian & philanthropist, an Artist, animals & nature lover, a student studying biotechnology, a sportsman and a blockchain learner.

Nouman Anees
Nouman Anees

Hay, this is Nouman Anees from Pakistan a true humanitarian and philanthropist, an Artist, a student and a teacher, animal and nature lover, a researcher on breast cancer and HIV, writing articles and short stories, love reading books and novels etc. That's all . Thank you very much.

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